Marty Brodeur's Glorified Win Over Florida Panthers

chris saccoContributor IMarch 1, 2009

Well hockey fans, Marty and the goons defeated the Panthers in a 7 to 2 victory at Prudential Center, bringing Marty closer to the all time wins lead. The only thing more sickening than the Panthers play in that game, is the fact that everyone is glorifying the play of Martin Brodeur in that game.

Marty faced a whopping 17 shots, and stopped 15 of them. Just how does he do it? I don't think I could name any other goalie that could face all those shots and still come out with a win. It is just amazing. What a joke.

Marc Andre Fleury being a franchise goalie is almost as funny as this guy being compared to Roy, Belfour, Smith, or pretty much any goalie whose career ended before hockey became what it is now. Goalies being protected by the officials, traps in the neutral zone, and oversized goalie equipment.

But, to get back on track here, the win over the Panthers is laughable. Anderson, whose play was really bad, faced 46 shots. Marty only faced 17. Anderson faced more shots in one game than Marty faces in two sometimes three games.

Plus, the Panthers defense couldn't have stopped a pee wee team in that game. The Devils clearly outworked and outskated the Panthers all night. But Marty's play had nothing to do with that win.

Brodeur is outplayed by opposing goalies most nights, buts gets all the credit and recongnition because his team consistently wins year after year. However, when they lose, like against the eighth place Senators in the first round of the playoffs a few years back, and against the Rangers in the first round last year, Marty doesn't get the blame.

Seems a little funny.

In the last three games, Brodeur has faced 68 shots, his opponents have faced 120. This is why the Devils win. They always play as a team. Always. They always protect their end of the ice. This isn't great goaltending, it's smart hockey. Boring as hell, but smart hockey.