WWE: Triple H Cuts Off His Trademark Long Locks

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: TMZ.com
Photo Credit: TMZ.com

According to TMZ.com, Triple H has shaved his head.

TMZ obtained photos of a shorn Triple H posing for pics with fans outside Titan Tower in Connecticut earlier today...barely recognizable without his signature mane.

This is a major image makeover for "The Game," who sported his long 'do since arriving in WWE seventeen years ago in 1995.

This is likely another of a long line of image-conscious moves. As the Vice President of Talent Relations, among other official titles, and a major media spokesperson for World Wrestling Entertainment, Triple H's long hair may not have given off an image the company was comfortable with.

Factor that into the fact that Linda McMahon has a very important election coming up, and the McMahon family will be expected to be by her side, supporting her, and you have another valid reason for the change.

Is this serious breaking news? Probably not. Is it interesting to see someone like Triple H with a shorter, more stylish hair cut? Maybe.

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