Brian Dawkins Leaves Philadelphia: Another Disgusted Eagles Fan

Tony Dillon@@tdillon1972Contributor IMarch 1, 2009

Brian Dawkins has been the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 years. 

It is disappointing that it all comes to an end over approximately $2 million. I understand that the length of his contract was a bit long for the Eagles front office, but why not make two years worthwhile for someone that has done so much for one community? 

His track record should have been worth the extra that it would have taken to keep Dawkins home. 

I think Quentin Demps has improved drastically since the start of the season. Dawkins shoes, however, will be impossible to fill. 

The starting free safety spot must be filled through free agency or trade. Jim Johnson depends on his free safeties way too much to hand the reigns over to Demps already. 

If you're going to take an icon away from the fans of Philadelphia, then you should at least have the common decency to replace him with some semblance of talent and experience.