Some Random Thoughts During a Busy Sports Weekend

andy millerCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2008
  • Boise State vs New Mexico State was one of the best college basketball games I have ever seen. It is amazing how these kids react to pressure. I thought each team had the game won about 6 times, only to have the other team make a comeback. Before Saturday night, I knew nothing about Boise State basketball. Now I have to wonder if their home court is blue. Boise State ended up winning in triple OT, despite losing some of their best players to fouling out.
  • Coppin State becomes the first 20 (16-20) loss team to get an NCAA bid. My question: how does Coppin State play 36 games in a season?
  • Hey Utah Jazz, congrats on getting all fired up to play the Celtics Friday night. I give them credit for admitting how much that game meant to them; too bad they could not sustain that and lost to the 28-38 Nets the following night.
  • Tyler Hansbrough, great shot, need to work on that celebration dance. That was tough to watch.
  • Congrats to Clemson on beating Duke for the first time in 23 tries. I am sure it disappointed some who wanted to see UNC-Duke, part III (I can hear Dickie V crying now), but that was great to watch.I wish I could bet on Duke games 2 minutes into the game. I need to know, is the other team intimidated by Duke, and are the refs going to severely kiss Duke's behind, or just mildly kiss Duke's behind. I knew early on Clemson had a good shot to win that game. I for one am glad they did and hope they beat UNC on Sunday.
  • Amazing to see Pittsburgh win 4 games in 4 days to win the Big East title. They tried to give it away down the stretch with some horrid free throw shooting (22-44), but held it together. Georgetown's Patrick Ewing Jr showed glimpses of his Dad in the clutch; with all the momentum in the world behind his team, Ewing drove to the hoop, and dribbled off his face for a turnover. He then fouled a Pittsburgh player, yelled at the ref for a no-call on his turnover (replays showed no one touched him), and that was about all she wrote for Georgetown. All that was missing was a guarantee for victory that never came to fruition, and Jr could have been just like his Dad.
  • Georgia winning two games in a day is an amazing story. Good for them. I have not seen that kind of endurance since Chet Ripley polished off the old 96er in The Great Outdoors
  • The Indiana Hoosiers were headed towards a probable 4-5 seed until a season ending loss at Penn State, and a tourney loss to Minnesota. It will be interesting to see where the committee puts them on Sunday. I think they lose in Round One of the tourney; they have not played well in about a month (which means they can probably book their ticket for the Final Four).
  • I have no idea how a team that starts Rafer Alston, Shane Battier, the corpse of Dikembe Mutumbo, Tracy McGrady, and Luis Scola wins 4 straight games, let alone 21. Simply amazing.
  • Just when it looked like the Tampa Bay Rays might be able to make a step forward this year, the one guy they cannot afford to lose is lost. Hopefully, Scott Kazmir makes a quick recovery and never looks back, but I do not like to see the words "#1 starter" and "elbow concerns" in the same sentence.
  • In the "you learn something new every day" department, before she dated Jerry Seinfeld and Chuck Finley, Tawny Kitaen dated OJ Simpson.
  • The Red Sox announced Josh Beckett will not make the Sox opening trip to Japan. The next step is abolishing these foolish trips altogether. The teams hate it, the players hate it, the fans hate it. The NFL game between the Giants and Dolphins in England was a disaster, and these two games between the A's and Red Sox should be as well. Always a terrible idea.
  • I am a Patriots fan, so feel free to berate me, but I cannot imagine a less credible person than Matt Walsh. I felt this way before the Boston Globe ran their story about him ( I feel more strongly about it now. That being said, I think all fans, pro and anti-Patriots want movement on this story, or simply want it to go away.
  • I am convinced the Oakland Raiders are the most dysfunctional team in sports.
  • It is amazing to think that a team from the West will be 10-15 games over .500 and miss the NBA Playoffs.
  • No one is noticing because the Memphis Grizzlies stink, but Rudy Gay is having a fantastic season. 20 PPG, 6 RPG, 2 assists, and 1.5 steals per game would put him on All Star teams if people saw him play. The same holds true for Josh Smith from the Hawks, 17.3 PPG, 8.3RPG, 3.5 assists per game, and he blocks 3 shots per game. Now that they have Mike Bibby on board, the Hawks could (and I emphasize could) rattle some cages in the Eastern Conference playoffs.
  • Bill Simmons was right in his recent column; what is happening in Seattle is criminal. I am still praying for a miracle that allows the Sonics to stay in Seattle, but it does look bleak.