TNA: Why a Defense vs. Tara May Solidify Brooke Tessmacher's Title Reign

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: TNA Wrestling/Lee South
Photo Credit: TNA Wrestling/Lee South

According to, TNA announced earlier today that Miss Tessmacher will defend her TNA Knockouts Championship against Tara this Sunday night at No Surrender.

The match is intriguing in that it features two very good friends, and fellow baby faces, competing on pay-per-view for the company's most prestigious female championship. Brooke has improved by leaps and bounds in recent months and has earned a Knockouts title reign. Tara, one of the all-time great female performers, almost always guarantees a solid match.

The Miss Tessmacher-Tara showdown at No Surrender could legitimize Brooke's title reign in a way that matches with Gail Kim and Madison Rayne could not. Being as good of friends as they are, going as far as to travel together when on the road for TNA, they have the time to talk about their match and formulate a plan to deliver the best bout possible.

Competing in the ring with a talented, experienced veteran such as Tara can only help Tessmacher. The former WWE Women's Champion has squared off against a variety of different women, in a number of different match types and is capable of carrying even the least talented to a watchable match.

Not to say that Brooke Tessmacher is the least talented.

As mentioned above, she has improved to the point that she is head and shoulders above a majority of the Divas populating WWE's roster. Unlike those ladies, Brooke plays to the crowd reactions and seems to have grasped when to make her comebacks and when to bait the crowd into reacting the way she and her opponent want them to. It sounds easy, but it is a tricky science to comprehend.

Coming full-circle, the quality of the match will be decided by the fact that Tessmacher and Tara are such good friends off camera. There will be a determination to wrestle a great match for one another, to achieve something special together.

Tara will want to work to prove that Brooke can be a credible champion while Brooke will be motivated to remind fans and management that Tara is still a very talented performer.

The entire match could be for naught, however, if it is cut short due to time constraints or marred by over-booking. It has happened in the past, in fact, as earlier as last month's Tessmacher-Rayne match.

Close friends have a long history of bringing out the best in each other after the bell rings. CM Punk and Samoa Joe had a legendary series of contests in Ring of Honor. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have had a never-ending string of matches that have been of high quality.

And, Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith, friends before they were family, had the all-time great showdown at SummerSlam 1992.

Will Tara versus Miss Tessmacher reach those heights? No. Not in a million years. But they can have a match that solidifies Brooke's title reign and reintroduces Tara to fans who may have been missing her in recent months.

Either way, the match is good for the Knockouts Championship and any time that is the case, it is never a bad thing.