WWE Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2009 (Humor)

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WWE Hall Of Fame: Class Of 2009 (Humor)

Every year on the night before WrestleMania, World Wrestling Entertainment inducts some of WWE's most deserving and finest entertainers to join an elite class of famous athletes such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Bret Hart. Today I will tell you about the newest members of professional wrestling's most elite class of superstars that revolutionized wrestling.


Inductee No. 1: Colin Delaney

Through Colin's historic couple of months on ECW last year, he had left an impact as one of the most talented men to overcome odds as a small man. He was even so smart as to choose Tommy Dreamer as his mentor to succeed only to give him a histroic betrayal to work for the likes of Armando Estrada and Mark Henry.

We can all recall Colin's famous betrayal of Dreamer at the Great American Bash were he screwed Tommy of his ECW title which he was obviously about to win. He is also coming out with a DVD called "Deleney: A Man of Heart, Soul, and Passion in Just a Few Months." Colin Delaney will forever be remembered as the pride and the leader of the "new" ECW


Inductee No. 2: Manu

As the son of one half of the Wild Samoans, Manu without a doubt carried on the legacy of his father in just a few months. Manu made an instant impact by taking out CM Punk with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes for a reason so important that we were not allowed to know, only to be kicked out of the Legacy because DiBiase, Rhodes, and Orton were jealous of his success.

Manu had a historic last match against Matt Hardy in which it was nominated match of the year. He was such a phenomenal performer that Mr. Mcmahon realized he was too special so he was released. Though he is currently on to bigger and better things, Manu has left himself in our hearts for years to come.

Inductee No. 3: Bam Neely

Bam Neely was one of the biggest and baddest bodyguards know to ECW history. He had been a bodyguard for the likes of a stable known as La Familia. He had also been a phenomenal single performer who had fought alongside the likes of Chavo Guerrero and that other guy. So it is with great honor that I announce that Bam Neely will be in the Hall of Fame Class of 2009.

Inductee No. 4: The Entire Junior Division

Remember a few years back when we saw some of the most talented performers in wrestling on Smackdown were the Junior's Division? These talented and fun to watch men would entertain us with fantastic high flying moves as well as being in historic feuds with the likes of Finlay.

They had also left us a present in the idea of Hornswoggle who has been a fan favorite to all young and old to date. Rumour has it that they will return to the WWE soon because of the PG rating so Vince is going to cut Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Edge, Undertaker, HBK and Christian. Who needs those guys when you have the hall of fame and well known Juniors Division.


Inductee No. 5: Braden Walker

One of the most charismatic and the most physically fit wrestler in his time, Braden Walker had become a true wildcat in just a matter of weeks. He had his very emotional and first promo with Armando Estrada by saying this, " I'm Braden Walker and I'm gonna knock your brains out." These words had touched the fans and then Bradenmainia has swept ECW forever. He had phenomenal moments with Matt Hardy and Estrada as well as having an emotional last match with some jobber guy. Braden Walker was a true man who changed wrestling forever.


Inductee No. 6 Vito

The toughest man to ever wear a dress was probably also the toughest man to ever lace up a pair of boots. With his ability to perform a phenomenal match in his long dress along with getting over with the crowd only made Vito the true hall of famer he is today. We also remember him for his historic and infamous finishing maneuver where he had put his dress over his opponents head. Vito left his mark in wrestling as one of the bravest, manliest, and toughest guy to wrestle in the WWE.

Head of the Class of 2009: Mike Adamle

 For the first time ever, a commentator/general manager will lead a hall of fame class and he is the most deserving to be the first. He started off his historic career in the WWE by debuting as an interviewer at the Royal Rumble 2008 where he had been famous for the revealing of Jeff Hardy's real name which is Jeff Harvey.

Adamle then took some time off and became the new mouth of ECW after Joey Styles left for WWE.com. Mike and The Tazz had become a phenomenal team as they called some great matches including the likes of "The Samoan Bulldog" Umaga and Tom Morrison. He had also made a catchphrase for Kofi Kingston which became famous to the wrestling world known as "Jamiacian Me Crazy!"

Mike then was cheered off from he fans in his final night on ECW which sadly appeared to be his last night in the WWE. That changed as a while later, he was introduced as the new General Manager of Raw where he made some famous "Adamle Originals" which led to the historic Kane/Mysterio feud as well as expressing his love of John Cena when he gave him a nice slap on the butt when he debuted.

That showed that he knew how to communicate with the fans. His historic career came to an end with an emotional sendoff by the fans when he resigned as the GM of Raw. Mike Adamle taught us all a lesson that we will never forget.

Mike Adamle 2008-2008

Hope you enjoyed my class of 2009 hall of fame. Until next time...

I am the DJ Rallo

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