5 Reasons Why England Needs to Drop Chelsea Star John Terry

Manny Otiko@@mannyotiko Contributor IIISeptember 5, 2012

5 Reasons Why England Needs to Drop Chelsea Star John Terry

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    After a tumultuous summer, in which John Terry was both hero and villain, Terry is back in the England squad for the Three Lions World Cup qualifiers.

    But the real question is should he be?

    Although he is regarded as Mr. England, the typical blood and thunder captain, I think that Terry is more trouble than he is worth.

    Here are the reasons why.

He Is Scandal Prone

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    From accusations of racism to infidelity to bar fights, Terry has seen all the scandals. You could literally fill a book with Terry's misdeeds. 

    The incident where he impregnated friend and teammate Wayne Bridges' former partner tore apart both England and Chelsea, and derailed Bridges' career. If not for his talent and leadership skills, Chelsea would have canned him years ago.

    But how much is England willing to take? Being England captain is more than a footballing position. The captain represents England and English football on and off the field. It doesn't do the game any good having the England captain being caught up in a new scandal every year. 

He Is Getting Old

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    Terry is 31, so according to Arsene Wenger he is not going to get much better. He was never the fastest player and as he ages, he is only going to get slower.

    I can't see him doing well against nippy forwards like Ronaldo and Torres. 

He Gives Away Too Many Fouls

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    If you ever watch Terry defending an opposing corner, he is one of the worst offenders in terms of climbing all over opposing players.

    As a defender, Terry may think it's his duty to do everything possible to stop attackers, but this is a side of the game I don't like.

    And inevitably it's going to catch up with him with fines and suspension. A suspension for a needless foul caused Terry to miss the Champions League final. 

He Is Injury Prone

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    For all his strengths, Terry is fairly injury prone. And this may have to do with his style of play and willingness to sacrifice his body.

    These injuries and the recovery periods are only going to get worse as he ages. 

His Personality Is Bigger Than the Team

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    John Terry comes with an enormous amount of baggage. His personality and leadership skills are so great, that there is often pressure to play him when he is not fit or deserving of a place.

    For example, in the recent European Championships, England manager Roy Hodgson was faced with a choice. Bring John Terry, who was facing racism charges, or take Rio Ferdinand, whose brother Anton Terry had allegedly racially abused.

    He chose Terry when many people didn't think he was deserving of a spot. Terry is a great defender, but I think his negatives outweigh his positives, it's time to bench him permanently for the sake of English football.