Shaq's Back: Leads Destruction of Lakers

kaleb klinkContributor IMarch 1, 2009

Shaquille O'Neal. What a player.

He had a great game against the Lakers recently, leading the team with 33 points and 11 boards.

And this is the most insane thing about it. He is almost 37 years old!!

I don't know if you noticed this but he had a 45 point game just two days ago. This marks his 49th career 40+ game. Not to mention he was 80 percent from field goal range.

I also love how he is 61% from the field this season. That is 2nd overall in that particular stat.

ESPN writers and analysts may use this saying to much, but I feel that they are right. He is turning back the clock. He is playing like he is 25 again and it just amazes me.

Shaq can still make quick decisions and power through to be one of the most dominant big guys in the league.

If anyone tells you Shaq is out-of-touch or to old for this game, you should give them a big reality check. 

If him actually getting along with Kobe Bryant in the All Star game and winning co-MVP for the game isn't enough to convince he's that good, maybe this last victory against this Lakers team is.

All I have to say is, THE DIESEL IS BACK!