Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Knows It's Time

Josh FriedmanContributor IIISeptember 7, 2012

It was reported that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid came up with the idea of having his players wear shirts that read, “It’s time.” Time is something that has been on Reid’s side since the Eagles introduced him as their new head coach on Monday, January 11, 1999.

How long ago was that? To put it in perspective, consider that the week Reid was hired, The Sopranos premiered on HBO, Jon Stewart took over The Daily Show, and Britney Spears released her debut album. Let’s continue with a deeper examination of the world as it was on January 11, 1999:



• It is the 20th century.

• The Senate busies itself with the President Clinton impeachment trial. 

• Y2K is written about ad nauseam. 

• There is only one former President Bush. 

• "World Trade Center attack" refers to the February 1993 bombing that killed six. 

• Barack Obama is an Illinois state senator

• Columbine is just another high school.

• Charles M. Schulz churns out Peanuts


• A gallon of regular unleaded gas costs $1.17.



• The Kimmel Center is under construction. Ground has not been broken on the Cira Centre.

Bell Atlantic provides most landline phone service. 7-digit dialing is still in effect.

Hurricane Floyd, which set a one-day Philadelphia record of 6.63 inches of rain, has yet to hit.

• 4559 murders have taken place in Philadelphia (through September 5, 2012). 

Mike Mamula is an Eagle, playing at the Vet. Donovan McNabb is a Syracuse Orangeman, Brian Westbrook a Villanova Wildcat, and Nick Foles is a fourth grader.

Terry Francona is the Phillies manager. Starters include Curt Schilling, Paul Byrd, and Carlton Loewer. Jimmy Rollins and Pat Burrell are in the minors.

• Roger Neilson coaches the Flyers. John Vanbiesbrouck is the starting goalie.

• The Sixers leading scorers are Allen Iverson and Matt Geiger.

Joe Paterno has amassed 307 wins.

• Temple football is a part of the Big East for the first time.

• Jameer Nelson is a Chester High School Clipper.

Smarty Jones and Barbaro have yet to capture the Delaware Valley's imagination. In fact, they have not even been born.


Sports Across the Nation

• John Elway is a few weeks away from riding off into the sunset with a second consecutive Super Bowl win, and Dan Marino is still adding to his impressive career numbers.

• Super Bowl regulars Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, and Thurman Thomas are Buffalo Bills.

• Garrison Hearst is on the cover of Madden 99.

Peyton Manning has 26 career TD passes (He now has 399.).

• 14 of the current 31 NFL stadiums have not yet opened. That does not include facilities that have had significant renovation like Lambeau Field, Soldier Field and Arrowhead Stadium.

• Pat Summerall calls games with John Madden. Dennis Miller has yet to work for ABC’s Monday Night football. The NFL Network does not exist.

• There are 6 divisions in football.

• The Super Bowl is played in January.



Other Sports

• Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, and Cal Ripken Jr. are active players.

Barry Bonds has 411 career home runs (762), Derek Jeter has 588 career hits (3270, as of September 5). Mariano Rivera has 84 career saves (608).

• The Boston Red Sox have not won a World Series in 80 seasons, the White Sox in 82 years.

• There have been 15 perfect games (23).

• Albert Pujols has never played an MLB game. Bryce Harper is 6 years old.

• Nine of the 12 members of the 1992 men's Olympic basketball "Dream Team," including Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, have yet to retire for good.

• The San Antonio Spurs have never won an NBA title (4). Nor have Kobe Bryant (5) or Shaquille O’Neal (4). Jim Calhoun and Connecticut have never won a national championship (3).

Bob Knight is the head coach at Indiana.

• Wayne Gretzky plays for the New York Rangers. Martin Brodeur has 180 career wins (656). An NHL team that loses in overtime does not earn a point.

• Tiger Woods’s career grand slam total is 1 (14).

Pete Sampras leads Roger Federer in grand slam titles by a count of 11-0 (Federer 17-14). Serena Williams is eight months away from winning her first grand slam title (14).

• Lance Armstrong has not raced in any of the seven Tour de Frances he would ultimately not win.

Wilt Chamberlain, Joe DiMaggio, Walter Payton, Maurice Richard, and Bill Bowerman are alive. Ted Williams’s head is at room temperature. 

• Gabby Douglas is 3 years old.



• Google has eight employees (54,604 as of June 30, 2012).

• Apple is a computer company. iTunes, the iPod, the iPhone, and iPad do not exist.

Wikipedia, Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn are not around. Neither is this website.

• Netflix has yet to introduce its monthly subscription concept.

• Among the corporate names still with us are TWA, Concorde, Plymouth, Saturn, Sam GoodyTower Records, Circuit City (in bricks-in-mortar incarnation), and Enron




• In film, there are three Star Wars movies and no Lord of the Rings trilogy. Among the flicks yet to be released are The Sixth Sense, The Matrix, American Pie, The Blair Witch Project, Fight Club, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Best in Show, and Remember the Titans.

• Among the TV shows yet to debut are Family Guy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The West Wing, CSI, Gilmore Girls, Survivor, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Cribs, X.F.L, The Osbournes, Playmakers, and Lost.

• The network news anchors are Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, and Tom Brokaw. Colin Quinn is the Weekend Update anchor on SNL.

• In books, only 1 of the 7 Harry Potters had been published in America. Among other books yet to hit the shelves (since there were no e-readers yet): The CorrectionsThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, The Da Vinci Code, The Tipping Point, Moneyball, Seabiscuit, and Flags of Our Fathers.


One final note - when the Philadelphia Eagles introduced Andy Reid as their new head coach on January 11, 1999, the franchise had not won the NFL title since 1960.

The more things change... 


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