WWE: Why Kane's Character Is Still Full of Possibilities

Robert AitkenAnalyst IMarch 15, 2017

When Kane was remasked and returned to WWE in late 2011, there was a little bit of pondering for Kane's character.

Had they run out of things to do with him that putting a mask back on his face was the only real option? With Glen Jacobs (the man who portrays Kane) turning 45 this past April, what plans are there for Kane to compete within a main event scene with significantly younger superstars?

Following a lost storyline with John Cena and a dead-end WrestleMania match with Randy Orton, which actually had Kane win, what was left for Kane to do?

Since WrestleMania, Kane has been in a tailspin, but somehow got involved in the WWE Championship picture along with Daniel Bryan. Neither man was able to take the title from CM Punk and even AJ Lee got involved for a complicated love situation storyline.

Kane got a kiss from AJ and a few losses from Bryan and Punk as he provided that buffer between a definite winner between the two of them. Bryan is still with Kane, keeping that rivalry alive between the man who now says "NO!" and the Devil's Favorite Demon.

These past few weeks in the "anger management" aspect of this rivalry, Kane has really showed what he still has to give to the WWE product. His time in anger management was a comedic look back at his career as a whole, which included awful storylines and showed how larger-than-life Kane has been over the years. They took the Kane character, made him feel like a real person, and then allowed him to strike fire from the trashcan. It was brilliant.

Kane is no regular man. Kane is just as viable as he has ever been.

The Hug It Out segment from RAW was a bit brutal, but it was the casual WWE fan's way of calling the bluff of the RawActive poll. Well, it turned out exactly how they felt WWE would never have it turn out. It made for an awkward few minutes in the ring, but the poll did also bring to light what may just happen with Daniel Bryan and Kane. These two actually seemed to get along a bit and the two in a tag team may make more sense than it did just a few weeks ago.

It brings a jolt of star-power to a growing tag team division and gives the experienced Kane, a 10-time tag team champion in WWE, the ability to hold onto a title for a while and make it mean something.

Kane has done that quite a lot with the tag team titles over his career. The best part is that he has done it with six different tag team partners. Alongside Big Show, Rob Van Dam, The Hurricane, The Undertaker, Mankind and X-Pac, Kane has been a tag team champion.

To say that most of these teams feel random is correct. Also consider that Kane would feud with many of those men and even feuded with some before a title win. It's a classic story for Kane and the first real unlikely ally Bryan has gotten in WWE.

It gives Bryan his first tag titles in WWE and makes him two-thirds of the way to a WWE Triple Crown (only the Intercontinental, not the United States Championship, counts).

Following that team-up, the two can break apart and it can be time for Kane to get a young star over and above him.

Wade Barrett will be returning soon and, with Randy Orton sidetracked with a Dolph Ziggler feud, could be thrown into a fight with Kane. Kane could also try and do what Orton couldn't do a few years ago and elevate Kofi Kingston to the next level. After all, Kane would theoretically be in a tag team feud with Kingston and R-Truth, the current tag team champions.

Kane can honestly be a face or a heel right now. He is one of the few superstars today that can honestly be steered in one direction or the other. The word "tweener" is thrown around a lot, but Kane really fits that description right now. He could feud with Bryan or team with Bryan and it wouldn't be much work to have either scenario play out.

WWE is in a prime position with Kane. He is in fantastic shape, even if it is in the twilight of the career. You don't often have a polarizing figure like him that is 45 years old and a 17-year veteran in WWE.

There's a lot of younger stars around Kane and he has a lot to teach them. If half of the locker room had the character success and overall longevity that Kane has had, WWE could be approaching a golden age in content. It really may not seem like it, but Kane is an underrated star for this era. Even at his old age, the sky is the limit for what you can do with Kane.

Just look at Kane's history in WWE. What hasn't happened to this guy already?