Cowboys vs. Giants: Madden 13 and Franchiseplay Predict NFL Kickoff Opener

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 5, 2012

Wednesday night is the night the NFL season begins, and football nation is buzzing. A subculture of America's football craze is likely over a week into their season. This cyber-child of the gridiron is made up of the legions of Madden 13 players in the country.

The game released in stores on August 28, and I gave the game a nine out of 10 in my review.

One of the things I love most about this year's version is its realism.

In light of that, I decided to allow Madden 13 to simulate each game in every week of the season. I'll wait for the injury reports each week, and make the proper adjustments so the simulation can be an accurate representation of real life.

I'll even use the most updated rosters from EA Sports. I'll keep track of the results and I'll have made my picks for the week as I normally would.

I'll compare my results to the ones Madden 13 produces, and I'll keep a running tally throughout the season. 

I'll simulate every game, and show the results for each contest as well, but only the top game(s) will be featured in the video. Can I out-pick Madden 13?

Who knows? You'll have to watch to find out.

This episode is dedicated completely to the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants season opener. Check out the video to find out where Madden 13 and I stand on this division rivalry.


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