Billy Crystal Playing for the Yanks Was Dumb.

Smush HigginsAnalyst IMarch 16, 2008

Just say, "Tough crap". Spring Training is about guys trying to make the team. Just let him sit in the dugout or with the Steinbrenners. Billy Crystal had a good time, but playing for the Yanks is too much. Yeah, he played DH and batted once, but this is dumb.

Say he doesn't play and you bring up a guy who tries to make the team. He bats three times and hits 2 homers and a single. The next day, he's hot again. At the end of Spring Training. He makes the team as a solid backup. This wouldn't have happen if Billy Crystal played. Since he played, the prospect never comes to bat and they release him. Then he is a Hall of Famer for another team. Then they would regret doing this.