WWE: What Will Be Gained from CM Punk vs. John Cena?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2012

Like this briefcase, this program is pure gold. Image by Bleacher Report.
Like this briefcase, this program is pure gold. Image by Bleacher Report.

The feud between WWE Champion CM Punk and John Cena has just gotten hotter!

After the events of this past Monday's Raw episode, which saw Paul Heyman drive off with the champion, there must be no doubt in anyone's mind now that this has become the program of the year.

For longtime, diehard fans, this is like a dream come true. For the new ones tuning in, they should now be getting a real treat.

Paul Heyman is a man of many, many words, and so is CM Punk. The time will come when both parties will pick up a microphone and utter but one word to make the entire Internet community explode with excitement.

John Cena is still the biggest draw of the company, but this time, he may have met his match in more ways than one. 

The WWE has everything to gain here. A quality program with established stars that brought them success last year, a longtime vocal promoter who sends shivers down people's spines and the WWE championship thrust back into the spotlight where it belongs.

What could be better?

Honestly? The best has yet to come. 

This trio of actors will open up doors to even more prosperous times. There are now so many scenarios and possibilities one can consider. You can even begin saying the road to WrestleMania has begun.

Now, not only has war begun, but eventually others will get involved: Triple H, Brock Lesnar, The Rock and maybe even The Undertaker.

How else can you tie in Lesnar to "The Streak?" This is far away right now, however, but must not be disregarded.

The ratings of next week's episode should also reflect on what transpired two days ago. What true wrestling fan would want to miss this? There should be no better reason to tune in if not just for what these men have to say.

It's a win-win-win situation. 

Raw will be live from Montreal as well, a real wrestling city with major history regarding WWE. Bret Hart is going to be present—is there no end to this bliss?

Another question could be: When will the new title belt be revealed? 

Now, more than ever, this company lived up to its moniker of "Anything can happen..."

Oh! How sweet things have become. WWE has lost enough over the years, it is good to see it will gain so much this time.

No expenses spared!