"You Couldn't Spend It All": Eagles Philosophy Digs Deeper Hole

TCorrespondent IIIMarch 1, 2009

Free agency is a double edged sword.  With every rumor that could bring new hope to a franchise, there comes the harsh reality.  In the case of the Philadelphia Eagles, it came with the price of letting go one of the most beloved sports figures the town has ever seen in Brian Dawkins.

The question at hand is does loyalty have a price tag?  If you're the Eagles front office, it most certainly does.  To the tune of what was essentially a two year, $9 million deal, the Eagles let Dawkins walk over a difference of $2 million when there was $48 million in cap room to be spared.  To quote Eagles president, Joe Banner, "You couldn't spend it all."

True, you can't spend it all, Joe.  But, in this one instance, where the movers and shakers of this organization could have proved that their past history of letting aging, beloved veterans walk away to be an aberration, they dropped the ball.  However, there is always that everlasting mantra, "You couldn't spend it all."

This franchise is on the brink.  On the one hand, it is a team that was one win away from the Super Bowl.  On the other, a team that could be ripped apart piece by piece to the point of not being able to sniff another championship game appearance for the foreseeable future.

Granted, the Eagles are not the Detroit Lions, but under the foresight of this group, they could be on their way down the NFC food chain.  Consider a certain embattled quarterback who until recently was itching for some reassurance that he is a part of this franchise's future.  If a legend like Brian Dawkins is expendable, so is McNabb.

So, Joe, keep this in mind when No. 5 comes knocking on your door not looking for a new deal, but a new destination: "You couldn't spend it all."