Will TNA Die? Can It Happen? Ways They Can Keep It Alive (Part 1)

Michael Wollin@MichaelWollinCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2017

After reading a contributor's story on how TNA will die off, I can't help it but tell you why I don't think it will die, and what they need to do to get even more of a fan base than they do.

Two weeks ago, they broke their highest rating record for TNA Impact. So their doing something right, but there is a lot more potential and yes the creative is dropping the ball on this.

First the M.E.M vs. Frontline storyline. Now they have dropped the ball on this one a little due to the fact that at first it was a great storyline.

Having the veterans who have been in the business against the younger generation is a great story. It touches on a real problem in the business. 

Unfortunately creative has literately killed off the Frontline by writing off Joe for a while and A.J. Styles. Then the only lower card talent they have is Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. So they get no hype.

Also, its compelling that Sting is trying to get his respect, keeping the world title so it won't be tarnished. Then he aligns himself with the rest of the mafia in which their goals are different.

If they would have held off Kurt Angle going against Sting, and make the Frontline stronger to lead into Lockdown then they would have had a great lethal Lockdown.

Second, they need a good writer such as PAUL HEYMAN! If they bring him in and give a year, the Monday night wars will be on again. He could bring a whole new thing for all the story lines.

Bring in new viewers and WWE viewers that don't want to see PG wrestling. Plus with Heyman's hatred for Vince, I think he would take great pleasure in trying to bury the WWE.