What Will the Jets Do With Their NT Robertson?

Smush HigginsAnalyst IMarch 16, 2008

Well, Mangini will likely release him, to free up cap space, and, because they will pretty much get nothing for him if a trade occurs. Maybe a fourth or fifth round pick. That's like a baseball bat to me. The Jets are my second favorite team behind the Colts. I assume they wont keep him after aquiring Kris Jenkins from Carolina in a steal of a trade. They gave up a three and a five.

Unless a team is in love with Robertson, they won't trade him. He was drafted in the first round in the '05 draft. If they keep him, they would put him as a backup for Jenkins because Mangini plays a 3-4. They took a crack at Alan Faneca in free agency making him the highest paid G in the NFL. So cap space would be nice.