5 Questions David Stern Must Answer When He Retires

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5 Questions David Stern Must Answer When He Retires
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If you don't absolutely detest David Stern, here's my only question.

How much is he paying you?

If this guy solicited approval ratings (or really any kind of approval), his numbers would rival those of the United States Congress. His reaction to the incessant booing at the 2012 draft was a reminder of why he was being booed in the first place.

He just doesn't get it. Stern fancies himself untouchable and beyond reproach, the product of unbridled power and imaginary transparency. 

Of course, some of the wildest conspiracy theories may go too far. But, where there is money to be made, it's difficult to guarantee fair procedures absent institutions that are more powerful than those working within them.

No, Stern didn't direct a fake moon landing, and we can be reasonably sure he didn't cover up the UFO crash at Roswell.

But that doesn't mean he's made the NBA a fair organization. And he certainly hasn't offered satisfactory explanations for events that risk the appearances of impropriety. He even got defensive when asked a perfectly fair question by Jim Rome.

Even the most level-headed NBA fan sometimes has to wonder how it is the biggest stars always seem to land in massive media markets like Los Angeles, why some calls go the way they go or how it is that the draft lottery has on occasion produced some timely yet improbable results.

Maybe nothing nefarious is going on, but if there is, it wouldn't be the first time in history a huge corporation did something shady.

Here are five things Stern should address whenever he gets around to telling all.

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