Kansas Shows Their Superiority Over Missouri

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

Once again, the Kansas Jayhawks showed how superior they are over the Missouri Tigers. With a 25-point victory over Missouri, the Jayhawks find themselves (once again) in the driver's seat in the Big XII.

Now, before we bash the Tigers, lets point out that the Tigers were able to beat Kansas by two in Columbia. With Sherron Collins having his worst game of the season and Cole Aldrich playing half blind, the Tigers were able to come back and win.

The Jayhawks, who started nobody older than a sophomore, had one of their worst performances of the year. The Tigers must have felt very proud.

In the rematch, the Jayhawks revealed themselves. They never gave the Tigers a chance to play their game. Once Kansas got the lead, they never gave it up, or ever got close to losing it.

Collins led all scorers with 25, Aldrich led in rebounds with 14, and Collins and Missouri's J.T. Tiller led in assists with six.

Kansas streched their nation-leading home winning streak to 40, and who better to beat than Missouri.

So, if there is still anybody that thinks that MU is a better basketball team than KU, they has some problems. Missouri was able to beat the "Baby Hawks" by two on the Tigers home floor.

But with Aldrich without the mask and Collins out of his funk, the Tigers found out that the sheriff was back in town.