Hornswoggle, Little Jimmy: The 15 Worst Additions to an Act in Wrestling

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2013

Hornswoggle, Little Jimmy: The 15 Worst Additions to an Act in Wrestling

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    Some pairings in wrestling just feel right.

    Evolution, Team Xtreme, Heenan and Andre and the original Four Horsemen all complemented each other perfectly.

    Sometimes though, someone else joins in and ruins the fun.

    It's a delicate balance, as you can never quite tell how adding someone new to an established act is going to pan out.

    Whether it was an unnecessary manager, a mascot inexplicably being added to a tag team or another wrestler added to a bloated faction, some pairings just didn't make any sense.

    Here are 15 of the worst addictions to an act in wrestling.

Rico Manages 3-Minute Warning

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    Rico joining Billy and Chuck?

    Sure, it made sense.

    Rico becoming the manager of 3-Minute Warning?

    That made no sense.

    Visually and attitude wise, Rico just clashed with Rosey and Jamal.

    While Rico was a real-life badass (he was a former SWAT team member, and a fantastic American Gladiators contestant), he was pushed as a ridiculously over-the-top flamboyant manager.

    So why would they hang out with him? Couldn’t they just find a different manager?

    Rico was an entertaining act, and 3-Minute Warning was fun too, but the two just didn't mix.

Droz Joins the Legion of Doom

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    The Legion of Doom had consisted of Hawk and Animal for so long that any third wrestler just wouldn’t have felt right.

    For some reason, a former NFL player who was known for his puking and piercings was the third man added.

    But Droz just didn’t look right in the legendary L.O.D. shoulder pads.

    It was understandable for the WWF to try and revitalize the group. They were getting older and their offense didn’t look as devastating as it once was.

    They first tried adding Sunny to the group, which was okay, but she was no Paul Ellering. To be fair though, she looked pretty good in her outfit.

    Droz was just miscast, and added nothing to the group.

    What made it worse was the storyline that played out.

    Hawk suddenly became an alcoholic, and grew increasingly jealous of Droz. He couldn't take it anymore.

    At one point he jumped off the top of the Titan Tron. The announcers made it seem like he actually killed himself.

    It was in poor taste, and L.O.D. never recovered from it.

Rick Steiner Gets Cozy with Judy Bagwell

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    Rick Steiner had the tag team titles all to himself. He could have chosen anyone to help him fight off Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell at World War III.

    He chose Judy Bagwell. 

    Thankfully, the match never ended up taking place. Instead it was a brother vs. brother match at the pay-per-view.

    But why did Rick want to hang out with Judy Bagwell in the first place? He sure made it hard to like him during those days. 

    The thought of bringing a 60-year-old woman to the ring to help you fight off her son and Big Poppa Pump was either brave or incredibly stupid.

    Actually, yes, it was just stupid.

Booker T Joins the NWO

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    Within one episode of Raw, Booker T went from wearing a lumberjack outfit to joining the NWO.

    It was doomed from the start.

    Fans liked Booker T, and they weren't given a good reason for why he agreed to join.

    He only lasted a few weeks before Shawn Michaels literally kicked him out of the group with a Sweet Chin Music to the face.

    Sure, you could probably count a lot of NWO members to as lousy additions (Michael Wallstreet, Stevie Ray, Horace Hogan), but the group was slowly dying in WWE. They needed someone to help them survive.

    Booker T was not that man.

    The group folded for good shortly after he left.

Paul Roma Joins the 4-Horsemen

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    The Four Horsemen have had some legendary wrestlers among their ranks.

    Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Ole and Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Chris Benoit, Lex Luger… and Paul Roma?

    While Roma really wasn't a bad wrestler, he was basically known as a jobber in his WWF run.

    Somehow WCW saw something in him and gave him a coveted spot in the legendary Horsemen. 

    Roma joining would be like adding The Disco Inferno to the NWO…oh, wait. It would have been like adding Heath Slater to Evolution.

    Try as he might, Roma just didn't fit in, and only lasted a few months before turning heel and leaving the group. 

Finlay and Hornswoggle

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    Fit Finlay was badly injured in a hardcore match in WCW. It looked like he would never wrestle again.

    But he did, and he was better than he’d been in years.

    In the WWE, he getting over as a tough Irishman who loved a good brawl, had shamrock tights and would smack people with a shillelagh.

    Apparently this wasn’t stereotypical enough for Vince McMahon. He decided to take it one step further… or ten steps further and aligned Finlay with a leprechaun.

    Anytime anyone says that Vince is a genius, just remind them that Vince McMahon created a leprechaun character.

    Anyway, when Finlay wrestled it was no longer about him, it was about “Little Bastard.”

    Oh yeah, and this leprechaun also couldn’t talk. He just grunted, he couldn’t talk until Santa Claus gave him the power to talk. Wait… where was I going with this?

    After the addition of Hornswoggle, it was all downhill for Finlay. He went from the high end of the mid-card to the low end before returning to the role of an agent again.

    The greatest tragedy of all you might ask?

    To this day, Little Bastard still graces our TV screen to spread his magic.

Jimmy Hart as Hogan's Little Buddy

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    Jimmy Hart is obnoxious.

    But as a heel, he's obnoxious in a good way. As a face, he's just annoying.

    When Hulk Hogan joined WCW, he brought his usual gang of suspects with him.

    Somehow Hart, The Nasty Boys and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake (also known as The Zodiac, The Man With No Name, The Disciple etc.) all came along.

    Hart briefly managed Hogan in the WWF before Hogan left, and this relationship continued over.

    The Mouth of the South may be a Hall of Famer, but he just made Hogan look more like a bigger goon than usual.

Rocco Joins the Legion of Doom

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    One of the most badass tag teams of all time had a great manager, iconic spiky shoulder pads, crazy hair cuts and intimidating face paint.

    But something was missing.

    A doll.

    That's it! Three grown men needed a doll to bring with them to the ring.

    This wasn't just any doll though, it was Rocco, a ventriloquist dummy.

    Sadly, Rocco wasn't long for this world, as according to Animal, he was purposefully lost in the luggage.

Matilda the Bulldog

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    Jake "The Snake" brought a snake to the ring, and it worked.

    Koko B. Ware had a parrot accompany him; this also worked.

    The British Bulldogs started bringing a bulldog to the ring. It did not work.

    The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith were fantastic workers, who could wrestle circles around nearly every other wrestler in the WWF.

    The WWF probably didn't think they were kid-friendly enough, so they saddled them with a dog. The dog became a big part of their act, and a feud revolved around them trying to get her back when she was dognapped by The Islanders. 

    Some acts don't need to be so literal.

    Matilda joining the British Bulldogs was about as bad as if The Killer Bees brought an actual hive of killer bees with them to the ring. 

Joey Abs in the Mean Street Posse

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    Sure, the Mean Street Posse was a pretty lousy stable, but they were at least Shane McMahon's real-life friends.

    Joey Abs was not.

    Mr. Abs was a developmental wrestler who was given the gimmick of a member of the Posse. 

    Pete Gas and Rodney on the other hand were the real deal. They were actually from the Mean Streets of Greenwich, Conn.

    What made Abs' addition to the group such a bad call, was that the Posse then became full-time roster members.

    The Mean Street Posse was fun when they were by Shane's side in small doses. As a full-time act, they got old quick.

Shelton Benjamin and His Momma

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    At one point, it looked like Shelton Benjamin was going to become a main-eventer.

    He had a series of TV matches with HHH that eventually saw him go over.

    For some reason, WWE didn’t capitalize on this feel-good moment, and he was kept in the mid-card.

    To try and give him some more character development, WWE brought in a family member to join his side.

    Unfortunately for everyone involved, it was his “momma.”

    WWE hired actress Thea Vidale to portray his mother. This was the last thing he needed.

    For some reason, he just couldn’t keep her out of the arena as she followed him around the country and joined him at ringside.

    At one point, he defeated Ric Flair for the Intercontinental title after his mom faked a heart attack distracting Flair.

    Had Shelton Benjamin been a heel, this angle would have been one thing (though still profoundly stupid), but fans were supposed to still like him.

    Why would anyone cheer for a guy who is too afraid to stand up to his own mom?

    While Shelton had plenty more great matches in WWE, his character never again achieved the level of popularity it had before this angle.

The Yeti Joins the Dungeon of Doom

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    You know things are bad when you have the most ridiculous gimmick in a group consisting of Hugh Morrus, The Shark and Kamala.

    Enter The Yeti.

    The Dungeon was never a great stable, but things took a turn for the worst when The Yeti emerged from a giant block of ice. 

    Together, he and The Giant attacked Hogan (or whatever the hell it was they were doing to him).

    Even WCW realized that this was a terrible gimmick, and soon modified The Yeti into Super Giant Ninja

    Amazingly, Super Giant Ninja didn't last long, either.

    WCW must have realized they'd created two exceedingly awful gimmicks for Ron Reis, and that a third one could have destroyed the planet from sheer stupidity.

Little Jimmy with R-Truth

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    R-Truth was a guy who just liked to entertain the crowds. He'd rap and dance for our enjoyment.

    Then this grown man started hanging out with an imaginary little boy.

    Oh, and he's also a good guy. We're supposed to like this strange quirk of his and find it endearing.

    It's not.

    It's creepy and weird. Now if only it would stop. 

Ted DiBiase Manages Steve Austin

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    Steve Austin wasn't established yet in the WWF, but the last thing he needed was a manager.

    Ted DiBiase may be one of the greatest talkers in wrestling history, but he wasn't even in Stone Cold's league when it came to cutting a promo.

    Luckily for the WWF, DiBiase left for a bigger paycheck in WCW and Austin was free to strike out on his own.

Sim Snuka and Manu in Legacy

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    The idea of The Legacy stable wasn't bad, but the execution was awful.

    Besides Randy Orton, the rest of the group wasn't perceived as much of a threat. Manu and Sim Snuka were especially treated as losers.

    In a questionable booking decision, Manu lost his first televised match against Batista.

    Sim had just come off his terrible Deuce gimmick, and was also ineffective during his brief run with The Legacy.

    Both guys were kicked out of the group when they failed to win matches that Orton had booked them in.

    The two wanted to get revenge on Orton, but even failed at that. Ted DiBiase pretended to join them, then revealed it was just a trick.

    The only legacy those two left behind was one of embarrassment.