The Top 7 Most Amazing Dunkers in Detroit Pistons' History

Jay WierengaCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2012

The Top 7 Most Amazing Dunkers in Detroit Pistons' History

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    Since the Pistons moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana over six decades ago and made their home in Detroit, this team has been known for many things.

    Defense, teamwork, and winning have become synonymous with this franchise.

    One trait that has not been associated with this team, however, is superb dunking.

    That being said, this team has a rich tradition of spectacular dunkers.

    Here are the top seven dunkers in team history.

7. John Salley

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    John "Spider" Salley was known mainly during his Detroit days as a defensive specialist that could block shots and use his length to create trouble on the defensive end.

    That being said, he also was incredibly athletic and used his length also to flush down some serious dunks.

    Salley was the main recipient of alley-oop dunks from Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars, and was one of the few rare above-the-rim performers for the Bad Boys Pistons' squads of the late 1980s, early 1990s.

    The above video is just a snippet of dunks from one series against Boston in 1991, but these dunks clearly demonstrate Salley's dunking versatility.

6. Orlando Woolridge

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    The late Orlando Woolridge was known for his spectacular scoring ability all the way back to his days with Notre Dame in the 1970s.

    His tenure with Detroit was short and sweet, stepping in during the period between the Bad Boys and the title squad of 2004.

    Though he was towards the end of his run when he wore the Pistons red, white and blue, he nonetheless gave Pistons' fans plenty to cheer about during his brief run.

    Not shown in this video was his penchant for put-back dunks, a highly skilled move that so few can master.

5. Dennis Rodman

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    Dennis Rodman's name stirs plenty of emotion in the ears of the audience.

    To some, he is the crazy guy that dated Madonna, married Carmen Electra, and once wore a wedding gown to promote himself.

    To most Pistons' fans, Rodman will always be "The Worm". For his entire tenure with Detroit, Rodman was a humble yet excitable kid that had an unstoppable motor and an unflinching desire to be the best defender in the game.

    But some might not remember that he also was an accomplished dunker.

    What made Rodman's dunking ability so great was the fact that he had big hands, great athleticism, and the ability to dunk equally great with either hand.

    The above highlight reel is not just dunks; in fact, there are only a few included. But they showed his strengths as a dunker.

    Additionally, it is worth a view just to remember how great he was in a Pistons uniform.

4. Amir Johnson

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    Amir Johnson truly was a one-dimensional player.

    He couldn't shoot, score with his back to the hoop, or play consistent defense.

    What he could do, however, was dunk the basketball.

    Perhaps the only Pistons player to throw down a windmill dunk during a game, Johnson only played with Detroit for a short period of time but compiled a solid highlight reel of dunks.

    The above video showcases his great athleticism and dunking ability (right around 1:58 minutes in you will see the windmill, arguably the best dunk in franchise history).

3. Jerry Stackhouse

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    Jerry Stackhouse's career with Detroit has been somewhat unfairly criticized by some fans.

    True, he never really was a strong leader and when it counted. He typically shrunk from the challenge.

    Who can forget how poorly he played in the playoffs (which was a major reason why he was dealt for eventual champion Rip Hamilton)?

    But during his prime days in Detroit, Stack was a beast.

    He could get to the hoop at will, and had the athleticism to make defenses pay.

    Part of what made him special was his ability to finish.

    Stackhouse was able to flush either with one hand or with two, but saved his best work for his single-handed slams.

    The video above is not of the highest quality, but it does represent the best compilation of highlights from Stack's career with Detroit.

2. Jason Maxiell

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    For some, Jason Maxiell has had a somewhat disappointing career with Detroit.

    When he burst on the scene in the middle of the last decade, some had visions of the next Ben Wallace, albeit with more of a shooting touch.

    But Maxiell has basically become a two-trick pony, capable of good interior defense and the ability to stuff the ball with authority.

    Well, this list celebrates those folks, so Maxiell finds himself on this list.

    Maxiell is definitely the best power dunker in team history.

    Like Woolridge, he specializes in put-backs, but is also adept at alley-oops and pick-and-roll dunks.

    The above clip shows just how special of a dunker Maxiell is (warning, the video does contain adult language).

1. Grant Hill

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    Without question the best dunker in Detroit Pistons history was also perhaps its nicest guy.

    Grant Hill, during his prime, was one of the top three players in the league.

    Routinely overlooked due to his long injury history and lack of success in the playoffs, Hill was one of the most explosive and talented small forwards to ever play the game.

    He also was an explosive dunker, with the ability to not only get to the rim, but finish with a flurry.

    The above highlight reel also includes a couple dunks from his post-Pistons days, but the bulk of which are from during his time in Detroit.