Isn't Hockey a Team Sport?

Joel Dundas@@JRDundasCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2008

It seems as if hockey is becoming less and less of a team sport, and is becoming more and more focused on individuals.

Watching a sports program or reading an article, I always find myself stunned at how the media always places one player on a team above the rest. It is not as if that player could have accomplished nearly as much without the help of his teammates.

I cannot stand constantly hearing announcers call that Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are coming into town, or Mats Sundin and the Toronto Maple Leafs are on tonight. I doubt any player on that team would be impressed with the fact that all their hard work and efforts mean nothing because they have a so called "franchise" player on their team.

Very little could be said about players such as Crosby, Sundin, or Nash (to name a few) if they did not have everyone else backing them up, feeding them passes, shutting the opposing team down, and stopping the pucks.

It is not right that the media ignores the rest of the team and focuses on one individual, because that takes away the team aspect of hockey. Which is the most important thing there is in the sport.