Iowa Hawkeye Grandma Takes Beer Bong to the Dome

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Bust out the beer bongs, because it's college football season. 

If you are looking for things to bring to the next tailgate, you would do well to bring the funnel of joy. Here it is giving one older fan quite the buzz as she rides shotgun into what looks to be an exuberant tailgate celebration. 

This video, spotted over at Busted Coverage, features a woman getting car service as if this was some drunken drive-thru, delivering walk-up beer bongs. 

At some point, this passing car came upon a group of Iowa Hawkeye fans doing beer bongs. I assume that's when the lady asked the driver to "pull over because I'm in the mood for cheap beer and a sore throat tomorrow morning."

The moment of pure drunken excellence comes from the Saturday's close-shave win over Northern Illinois that Iowa managed to take, 18-17. 

The only thing better than shotgunning a beer, slapping a wine bag and pulling on the spout or taking down a Pabst via funnel is seeing older people do it. The crowd goes absolutely nuts as a seemingly sane older lady accepts some random tube filled with what I presume to be discounted domestic brew. 

It just goes to show you that all sensibility goes out the window the second you step into the tailgate, making college football season very near and dear to my heart. 

Gather your older women, sports fans. It's time to get our drink on. 


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