NFL Week 1 Upset Alert: 5 Teams That Had Better Watch Out

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Alert! Alert! 

Five teams could be going 0-1 more quickly than expected. I'm putting them on "Upset Alert!" If I had one of those air horns, I would blow it right in your ear to express the gravity of Upset Alert. 

It's not easy to pick favorites for the first week of the season, but it is easy to pick which of those favorites will open their respective seasons in a giant ball of flames! 

We'll give you a couple here: the New York Jets are hosting the Buffalo Bills in a early AFC East matchup. The Bills retooled their defense in the offseason while the Jets went out and traded for...Tim Tebow. And yet, the Jets are favored at home. 

One other spoiler here: the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes also are favored at home, against an underwhelming Jacksonville Jaguars team. While MJD will only see limited action in Week 1, the Vikings have their own uncertainty at running back with Adrian Peterson coming off knee surgery.

Join me as we walk through the first week of the NFL season with our goggles down and our rifles ready. Check out my five teams on upset alert this week and leave your own targets for upsets in the comments.

Thanks for watching. 

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