NFL Player Predictions: Brandon Marshall

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2012

Brandon Marshall is the center of a new-look offense for the Chicago Bears, and Marshall will be more than up to the task. 

Marshall took a lot of flak for his drops last season, but as I have said before, he has worked very hard to overcome the mental blocks that plagued him in his previous situations.

He's a large, physical receiver who can out-muscle and outplay the Colts secondary and overcome them.

He can't be easily double-teamed, either, because if you do that, you end up having Earl Bennett, Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte or Kellen Davis hurt you.

Marshall's other advantage is the chemistry and familiarity of his connection to quarterback Jay Cutler

While nothing much has come from the Bennett-Cutler Vandy connection, we saw real firm evidence that Marshall and Cutler are on the same page.

Preseason showed the two of them are already in sync and poised to put up some great numbers. 

This game will be a good start to it. While there is some concern about the offensive line, the Colts are a team to get your feet wet against, and their pass rush should be something the line can handle, which will give Cutler time to find Marshall on some varied types of routes.

There's a lot to like about Marshall in this matchup, and it should be a very solid outing for him. We should see him gather in 100 yards and at least one touchdown against a rebuilding Colts team.

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