College Football Polls 2012: Comparing Week 1 AP and Coaches' Polls

Randy ChambersAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2012

College Football Polls 2012: Comparing Week 1 AP and Coaches' Polls

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    When each college football poll is released, it tends to get a reaction out of every fan across the country. Some cry that a certain team is ranked too high, others say that certain teams are underrated, and then the other handful of fans cannot believe that a certain team has not even cracked the rankings.

    With the release of the new AP and USA Today Coaches Polls, there are many similarities and many differences. Like the fans that complain their team is not receiving enough love, the writers like a certain group of football programs, while the coaches tend to lean in favor of another group of programs.

    How different do the polls look when stacked up against one another?

    Well, here are some of the biggest differences and similarities of each poll.

Both Are Disappointed in Michigan

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    Remember all of the hype that the Michigan and Alabama game was receiving? Well, there is a good chance you found something better to watch by halftime and never thought twice about switching back to the over-hyped matchup.

    To put it simply, the Michigan Wolverines let us down and both polls show that they don't like the way Brady Hoke's team played at all.

    Michigan was ranked eighth in the country in both polls before the big contest, but after being embarrassed on national television, the Wolverines have dropped all the way down to No. 19.

    A very ugly loss for this program and one of the furthest falls that you will see all season.

Both Were Impressed by Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame was not ranked in the AP Poll to start the season and was No. 24 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. After an impressive win over Navy, the Irish are now No. 22 in both polls, jumping teams such as Louisville and Florida.

    Usually a win over the Midshipmen wouldn't be a big deal, but when you win by 40 with a first-year quarterback and coming off a tiring flight to Dublin, it helps play into the favor of Notre Dame.

    With many ranked teams ahead for the Irish to battle, this is certainly something that Brian Kelly and company can build on the rest of the way.

Alabama Is the Best Team in the Country

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    The polls could not agree on the top team in the country before the season started, as the coaches had LSU at the top, and the writers had USC. Now, after the most impressive win of the weekend, Alabama is the overwhelming No. 1 team in the country according to both.

    While many teams were struggling against FCS schools, Alabama took it to a Top 10 team in the Michigan Wolverines. Brady Hoke's team was held to just 69 rushing yards, the Michigan offense turned the ball over three times, and Alabama scored 31 first-half points.

    Are there any more questions as to whether this Crimson Tide team can compete for a third title in four years?

Both Love the SEC

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    Speaking of SEC teams, both polls have a total of five teams in the Top 10 from college football’s best conference (Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Arkansas and South Carolina). That means that both coaches and writers can finally agree on something.

    The only other SEC team that is ranked in both polls is the Florida Gators, a team that had a few issues against Bowling Green last weekend.

    Overall, both can agree that the SEC is once again the most talented conference from top to bottom and will likely have at least one team representing it in the national championship game this year.

Boise State?!

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    The AP Poll bounced the Boise State Broncos out of the discussion after a loss to the Michigan State Spartans, but for whatever reason, the Coaches’ Poll still has the team ranked. This has always been a problem with the Coaches’ Poll, as the voters don't have time to even watch these teams play.

    If the coaches watched the Broncos game on Friday night, they would know that Boise State is not the same team it has been in years past and isn't worthy of a Top 25 ranking. Sure, the Broncos played a close game score-wise, but they are not consistent enough to compete with some of the best teams in the country any longer.

    Teams such as Washington, BYU and Tennessee (all not ranked in either poll) are much more worthy than Boise State after Week 1.

Coaches Like Texas More Than the Writers

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    I continue to have my questions about this Texas team, particularly at the quarterback position, especially in a conference that is filled with great signal-callers. And it looks like the writers are beginning to as well, as this Longhorns team did not look good against the Wyoming Cowboys.

    David Ash actually looked like a decent quarterback for a change, but the Texas defense allowed 345 total yards, which includes an 82-yard touchdown pass.

    Because of the subpar performance, the Longhorns drop two spots in the AP Poll and remain the same in the Coaches’ Poll.

Writers Are Ready to Give Up on Stanford

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    We knew that without Andrew Luck, the Stanford Cardinal was going to have a hard time repeating past year success. But we had no idea that they would nearly lose to San Jose State like they almost did in the season opener.

    Stanford has a lot of work to do if it expects to remain competitive in the Pac-12, and with a feisty Duke team heading into town this weekend, the Cardinal should be on upset alert. Although the Blue Devils have not knocked off a ranked football team since 1994.

    Because of the weak performance, Stanford drops to No. 21 in the Coaches’ Poll and No. 25 in the AP.

We Can All Agree on the Top 10

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    Well, maybe not all, but at least both coaches and writers have the Top 10 identical for the most part. The top seven in both polls is exactly the same, with the only change being Arkansas No. 10 in the coaches’ poll, instead of No. 8 in the AP.

    Still, there is not one different team in the Top 10 of either poll, meaning that everyone believes they have a good idea of who the top teams in the country truly are.

    The question now is: Will any of these team in the Top 10 win it all this year, or will somebody who is currently on the outside be able to sneak up and surprise us all?