Manny, Manny, Manny Ramirez

Bobby BrennanContributor IMarch 1, 2009


As a Yankees fan, I have despised Manny Ramirez my whole life. He is a pure-blooded Yankees killer. Game after game I would sit in my room crying as I watched Manny blast home run after home run over the Green Monster.

But what added to my hatred was his lack of hustle, teamwork, and above all a decent personality. He is a selfish player. From faking injuries to a ridiculous cutoff play while with the Red Sox, Manny is no Derek Jeter.

Manny was a key part to the Red Sox's dynasty. If I was a pitcher facing the one-two punch of Manny and David Ortiz, I would be satisfied with not giving up two home runs in a row.

But that is over. Once again, Manny made the immoral choice and chose to force the Red Sox to ship him to L.A.

The Red Sox have not been the same without Manny. In retrospect, I think I would put a World Series ring over an overpriced ridiculous contract.


The same thing is happening in L.A. He had another solid year with the Dodgers but now he is selfishly holding out for a huge contract when he could return with a rather huge contract.

Manny is not a role model.  Then again, if Manny is your role model, you have bigger problems.