East Carolina vs. South Carolina: Complete Week 2 Game Preview

Alex RobertsCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2012

East Carolina vs. South Carolina: Complete Week 2 Game Preview

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    Round 2 for the South Carolina Gamecocks brings a familiar foe to Columbia: last year's opener opponent, East Carolina

    Who: East Carolina at South Carolina

    When: 12:21 p.m.

    Where: Columbia, S.C.

    Stadium: Williams Brice Stadium (80,250)

    TV: SEC Network

    Radio: 107.5 "The Game"

    Internet Stream: University of South Carolina Athletic Site, ESPN 3

Depth Chart for South Carolina

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    1. Connor Shaw

    2. Dylan Thompson

    3. Seth Strickland


    Running Backs:

    1. Marcus Lattimore

    2. Kenny Miles

    3. Mike Davis



    1. Qua Gilchrist

    2. Connor McLaurin


    Wide Receiver 1:

    1. Ace Sanders

    2. DeAngelo Smith

    3. Shaq Roland


    Wide Receiver 2:

    1. D.L. Moore

    2. Nick Jones

    2b. K.J. Brent


    Wide Receiver 3 (Slot):

    1. Bruce Ellington

    2. Damiere Byrd


    Tight End 1:

    1. Justice Cunningham

    2. Jerell Adams


    Tight End 2:

    1. Rory Anderson

    2. Kelvin Rainey


    Left Tackle:

    1. Brandon Shell

    2. Corey Robinson


    Left Guard:

    1. A.J. Cann

    2. Will Sport



    1. T.J. Johnson

    2. Kyle Harris

    3. Travis Ford


    Right Guard:

    1. Ronald Patrick

    2. Kaleb Broome


    Right Tackle:

    1. Mike Matulis

    2. Cody Gibson



    Left Defensive End:

    1. Devin Taylor

    2. Chaz Sutton


    Right Defensive End

    1. Jadeveon Clowney

    2. Aldrick Fordham

    3. Gerald Dixon


    Defensive Tackle 1:

    1. Byron Jerideau

    2. Philip Dukes


    Defensive Tackle 2:

    1. Kelcy Quarles

    2. Gerald Dixon Jr.


    Middle Linerbacker:

    1. Reginald Bowens

    2.  Damario Jeffery


    Weak-Side Linebacker:

    1.  Shaq Wilson

    2. Quin Smith

    3. Cedrick Cooper



    1. DeVonte Holloman

    2. Jordan Diggs


    Corner 1:

    1. Victor Hampton

    2. Ahmad Christian


    Corner 2:

    1. Jimmy Legree

    2. T.J. Gurley


    Strong Safety:

    1. Brison Williams

    2. Kadetrix Marcus


    Free Safety:

    1. D.J. Swearinger

    2. Jared Shaw


    Special Teams

    Kickoff Specialist:

    1. Landon Ard

    2. Adam Yates



    1. Adam Yates

    2. Landon Ard



    1. Tyler Hull

    2a. Patrick Fish

    2b. Mike Williamson


    Kick Returner:

    1. Bruce Ellington

    2. Damiere Byrd


    Punt Returner:

    1. Ace Sanders

Depth Chart for East Carolina

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    1. Rio Johnson

    2. Shane Carden

    3. Brad Wornick


    Running Backs:

    1. Michael Dobson

    2. Reggie Bullock

    3. Vintavious Cooper


    Wide Receiver 1:

    1. Reese Wiggins

    2. Jabril Solomon


    Wide Receiver 2:

    1.  Andrew Bodenheimer

    2. Lance Ray


    Wide Receiver 3:

    1. Justin Hardy

    2. Justin Jones


    Wide Receiver 4:

    1. Derrick Harris

    2. Cedric Thompson


    Left Tackle:

    1. Adhem Elsawi

    2. Isaac Harris


    Left Guard:

    1. Jordan Davis

    2. Drew Gentry 



    1. Taylor Hudson

    2. C.J. Struyk

    3. Josh Clark


    Right Guard:

    1. Will Simmons

    2. Drew Gentry


    Right Tackle:

    1. Robert Jones

    2. Grant Harner 



    Left Defensive End:

    1. Lee Peques

    2. Chrishon Rose

    3. Jonathan White


    Nose Tackle:

    1. Michael Brooks

    2. Terrell Stanley


    Right Defensive End:

    1. Matt Milner

    2. Justin Dixon

    3. John Lattimore


    Linebacker 1:

    1. Derrell Johnson

    2. Chris Baker

    3. Jake Geary


    Linebacker 2:

    1.  Maurice Falls

    2. Montese Overton

    3. Gabriel Woullard


    Linebacker 3: 

    1. Jeremy Grove

    2. Ty Holmes

    3. Zeek Bigger


    Linebacker 4:

    1. Kyle Tudor

    2. Daniel Drake

    3. Brandon Williams


    Corner 1:

    1. Jacobi Jenkins

    2. Rocco Scarfone

    3. Joshua Harkins


    Corner 2:

    1. Adonis Armstrong

    2. Kristopher Sykes


    Safety 1:

    1. Lamar Ivey

    2. Chip Thompson


    Free Safety:

    1. Damon Magazu

    2. Justin Venable

    3. Desi Brown


    Special Teams

    Kickoff Specialist:

    1. Trent Tignor



    1. Warren Harvey

    2. Connor Torruella



    1. Trent Tignor

    2. Brendan Rowland

    3. Phil McNaughton


    Kick Returner:

    1. Derrick Harris

    2. Lance Ray

    3. Hunter Furr

    4. Vintavious Cooper


    Punt Returner:

    1. Justin Hardy

    2. Derrick Harris

What Happened to the Gamecocks Last Week

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    Last week, the Gamecocks played the Vanderbilt Commodores to open up the college football season Aug. 30 on ESPN. The Gamecocks had to fight and claw, but they left Nashville with a hard-earned victory over a good SEC team. 

    The big news from the game was Connor Shaw's shoulder injury. If he isn't 100 percent, the Gamecocks aren't nearly as dangerous. 

What Happened to the Pirates Last Week

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    After being down 7-0 and only up 14-13 against the FCS Appalachian State Mountaineers (albeit a very good school in that division), the Pirates blew them out with a 21-point explosion at the end of the game. 

    It really wasn't an impressive victory for the Pirates, who will need to do much better to compete with the Gamecocks. 

What It Means to Both Teams

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    South Carolina needs an impressive win to shut up the critics. Apparently, blowing out a lower-level team is better than beating a good team on the road, for whatever reason. 

    If the Gamecocks squeak out another win, regardless of who plays quarterback, look for the critics to really bring the heat. Shaw would love nothing more than to play this week and perform better than he did last year against the same team.

    ECU would love nothing more than to announce that it is a good team and a capable Conference USA winner. This would be a huge win for a program trying to establish itself as a contender in its conference and may even give the Pirates a marquee win. 

Key Player for the Gamecocks

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    Marcus Lattimore has to be the key to this game. 

    If Connor Shaw can't go (which it's looking to be about 50-50 at the moment), a heavy dose of Marcus Lattimore and the rest of the runners will be necessary. With the Pirates running a weak 3-4 defense, there should be plenty of space for him. 

    How much can Lattimore's knees take? If he gets 30 carries, he could push for 300 yards, but will his knee hold up?

Key Player for the Pirates

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    East Carolina gave South Carolina a big scare last year with the excellent play of its quarterback, the excellent Dominique Davis. 

    Now Rio Johnson has the reigns. With targets such as the 6'8" Justin Jones running around, Johnson could have a huge game. If he plays well, this game will be close—or even an ECU win.

The Gamecocks Will Win If...

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    ...the passing defense contains the four-wide receiver passing attack of the East Carolina Pirates. 

    The Pirates won't be able to run on the Gamecocks, but they sure can pass. If the Gamecocks allow themselves to fall behind early, this could be a loss. ECU can score through the air, so the passing defense must play well.

The Pirates Will Win If...

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    ...their offensive line can give Rio Johnson time to throw, and Rio hits the opportunities he gets.

    Tight end/wide receiver Justin Jones could be a nightmare for the Gamecocks. However, it will take a perfect offensive game for the Pirates to win. Johnson isn't the quarterback Dominique Davis was for ECU, but if he gets time, this team can score.


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    ECU will be able to score. So will South Carolina.

    Look for it to be another close game until the fourth quarter, when Marcus Lattimore takes over and runs the Gamecocks to victory. 

    Prediction: South Carolina 42, East Carolina 28