Jay Cutler Is Ticked Off; Does He Deserve To Be?

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IMarch 1, 2009

Hours after the Chiefs completed their trade for Matt Cassel from the Patriots, a new, possibly franchise altering, story arose.

The Broncos were trying to acquire Matt Cassel by way of a three-team trade, a trade that would land Cutler in Tampa Bay and Cassel in Denver.

A source who claims to be close to the situation states that Cutler feels betrayed and wants to leave the Broncos.

New Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels wanted to be reunited with Cassel, who he successfully integrated into the Patriots starting lineup after Tom Brady went down in the first week of the season.

Cutler, who has pretty much been proclaimed the franchise quarterback and the true heir to John Elway's throne, demanded for a trade and still hopes that he will be traded.

This is just another story of a team "betraying" one of its star players over the past two years.

Julius Peppers receiving the franchise tag from the Panthers, Dunta Robinson getting franchised by the Texans, and of course Brett Favre being traded to the Jets.

The question now rises, does Cutler deserve to be angry at the Broncos?

Or perhaps an even bigger question, do teams owe any kind of loyalty to their players?

Jay Cutler was a first round selection by the Broncos three years ago, and still has three years remaining on his rookie contract. He got a lot of cash in that deal, cash that the Broncos have spent very well. Cutler had a fantastic season last year, and looks to only be going up.

Cutler's team has been a single game away from the playoffs the last two years, only to lose the final games and finish a mediocre 8-8.

Does Cutler deserve to be mad at a franchise that virtually told him that he is the guy for the future?

Yes, yes he does.

He was not deceived by the Broncos, because under Shanahan, they had every intention of keeping Cutler.

However, under McDaniels, Cutler wasn't in the plan. He was nothing more than trade bait. This betrayal by the organization hurt Cutler bad. I know it did, because we have seen this before in Green Bay.

Have the bridges been burned? Is this the end for Cutler and the Broncos?

Jay thinks so. To his understanding, the Broncos are still trying to trade him. Josh McDaniels has denied this by making this bold statement:

"We don't want to trade Jay. We never did. He's our quarterback. We're excited about this season. And excited about what we're doing here in free agency to improve our team."

According to that statement, somebody is lying. Either the source, Cutler, or the Broncos.

My money is on the Broncos.

The NFL is a business; there is no loyalty between players and teams. Those days are long over.

Players feel connections to their teams. The franchises do not feel that same connection. I can't see Cutler playing another down in Denver; he is mad and in pain.

I don't think he will be traded, but I know he won't be happy. I see the NFLPA getting involved in this one...oh, Gene, how Cutler wishes you were still with us...

Anyway, what do you guys think? Does Cutler have a right to want to be traded? Or should he stop whining and play football?