Kane and Daniel Bryan: The Duo That Will Make WWE's Tag Team Division Matter

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Kane has hit his stride in entertainment value for the first time since his most recent return as he feuds with Daniel Bryan from a comedic anger management angle. 

Last week on RAW, the angle took us to actual anger management classes where both Kane and Bryan shared the roots of their uncontrollable rage.  Kane stole the show via a nostalgic account of all his indiscretions, referencing Pete Rose, Shane McMahon's testicles and, yes, Katie Vick.   

We all know where this is going.  With Bryan and Kane—both of whom were heels before their spontaneous feud—becoming increasingly more difficult to dislike through their series of entertaining exchanges, it's only a matter of time before the two are made to form a baby-face tag team in order to better deal with their anger management issues. 

The two are no strangers to forced cooperation as they have teamed up on multiple occasions in the past to lukewarm results. 

But being made to compete as a cohesive unit with the goal of winning the WWE Tag Team Championships would not only be a compelling angle to keep both characters fresh, it would also add the much-needed boost that the WWE tag team division has been looking for. 

Despite the WWE's best efforts with the division, there just isn't enough believability and cohesion between current WWE tag teams outside of the fact that WWE tag teams are once again beginning to dress alike. 

With Bryan and Kane, there is at least a back story of how they came together and why they are competing to be tag team champions.  Plus they both already wear red so we're already halfway there.

Kane has a very strong track record in tag team wrestling alongside strange bedfellows.  In fact, Kane has won tag team championships with six different partners, with most of them being rivals prior to coexisting with the big red monster.

Sound familiar? 

If ever the WWE needed to dust off the old "Kane teams up with an enemy" script, now would be the time.  Some time down the line, the inevitable split would make a subsequent feud reboot between the two more interesting and deep than the original. 

The WWE need not put together any more makeshift tag teams for the time being.  Its most potent tandem, is seated in an anger management discussion circle, right under their nose. 

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