New Orleans Saints' Free Agency Update

Nola ChickCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

Our front office folks have been some busy little bees since the start of free agency. We’ve locked up some key players and started wooing players for some key positions.

Come this time next week, I could actually get out the words “The Saints are going to the Super Bowl” without a smirk, giggle, fake vomit noise or tear up at the thought of no Deuce McAllister. After the jump, we break down the free agency wheeling and dealing.

Who’s staying put:
Jon Vilma, Linebacker
Jon Stinchcomb, Right Tackle
Troy Evans, Linebacker

Who’s up in the air (and noteworthy):
Jahri Evans, Guard
Aaron Glenn, DB
Devery Henderson, WR
Terrence Holt, DB
Aaron Stecker, RB
Courtney Roby, WR
Lance Moore, WR
Joey Harrington, QB
Antwan Lake, DT

Who we’re courting:
Gerald Sensabaugh, Safety-Jaguars
Ron Bartell, Cornerback-Ron Bartell
Darren Sharper, Safety-Vikings