Lord Tensai and 7 Other WWE Superstars Who Didn't Deserve Their Push

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Lord Tensai and 7 Other WWE Superstars Who Didn't Deserve Their Push

When Albert returned to the WWE sporting Japanese attire and face paint, those of a certain age cringed in embarrassment. Here we were being promised a great new WWE Superstar and, instead, we get Giant Bernard. Don't get me wrong, I think that Matt Bloom is a great wrestler, but he just has no marketing ability—at least in the WWE.

Very rarely can a Superstar be reborn with a new gimmick. The example of Glen Jacobs is one of the few that we can highlight that goes against this rule. 

The invention of Kane was, however, radically different to his former character—the unmasked Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS. When Kane eventually lost the mask, all had been forgotten and the demented dentist passed into history.  

With Lord Tensai, we got what is common in the WWE: lazy creative.

It seems not a year goes by without some wrestler getting an undeserved push. Some are marketed as a result of backstage politics; others simply because there is no one else around. And yet these so-called main event Superstars weaken the championship picture.

This slideshow will highlight other recent phenomena that did not exactly set the world on fire.

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