Former WWE Superstar AW Openly Criticizes WWE and The McMahons

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IISeptember 2, 2012

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Former WWE employee Brian Jossie, who was known as AW and Abraham Washington, has openly criticized the WWE for double standards and Vince and Linda McMahon for being power-hungry.

The tirade that started on Jossie's twitter page at around 8 p.m. Eastern was originally connected to the news that WWE Diva Cameron has only been suspended for 15 days after a DUI and trying to bribe a police official.

Jossie tweeted:  

As I said before I was fired for tweeting about Linda McMahon. I didn't get fired over the Kobe joke.

— Brian Jossie (@BJRatedR) September 3, 2012

Jossie then went on to reiterate his claims that he was not fired over the Kobe Bryant joke he made live on Raw's 1,001st show, but for tweeting about Linda McMahon's senate campaign.

Influenced by the questions tweeted his way by other users, Jossie touched on both JTG's twitter complaints from a few weeks ago and the WWE's treatment of Jim Ross...

Before finally settling on the subject of Vince and Linda McMahon political campaign.


Clearly Jossie does not believe Vince is the man he once was as his quick-fire comments include:

@bigbadtrinidad @wwe : Old, bitter, and annoying... That ain't me.. that's Vince McMahon!

— Brian Jossie (@BJRatedR) September 3, 2012


@derek_is_drunk @linda_mcmahon : They won't rehire me... I've looked in Vince's eyes.. He ain't no man.

— Brian Jossie (@BJRatedR) September 3, 2012


Vince is a shell of a man, that's why Triple H is taking over. It's ashame. I liked the ol' Vince! He use to live for his product!

— Brian Jossie (@BJRatedR) September 3, 2012


Jossie went on to encourage fans to dismiss Linda's campaign, explaining:

The Mcmahons only care about power..not people. I hope the people of Connecticut hear this. If not I'll be more than welcome to come speak..

— Brian Jossie (@BJRatedR) September 3, 2012

@radcliffracecar : Because she's not real...she's faker than fake.She's a politicians politician. #SeeThrough

— Brian Jossie (@BJRatedR) September 3, 2012

At the heart of this is a person who has clearly been hurt from losing his dream job and feels that his removal from the company was unjust. This is fully understandable when compared to the relative leniency shown to Cameron's actions, which were both illegal and reprehensible.

Yet such varied attacks against his former employee also smack of someone who is looking to rebuild his career in the public spotlight, and such open attacks on the McMahons will garner attention from some disenfranchised members of the WWE Universe.

Mentioning his comedy tour as the tweets lost momentum is certainly an indication that there was more behind the criticisms than pure annoyance.