The Critical Improvement Each Young Phoenix Suns Player Must Make

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IISeptember 3, 2012

The Critical Improvement Each Young Phoenix Suns Player Must Make

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    The Phoenix Suns went out this offseason and chose to get a little younger as a team. This means that this team has the potential to be really great in the future.

    The younger the player, the more he can improve from year to year. That is a pretty well known fact, but it works out really well for the Suns because a lot of their younger guys have a lot to work on.

    Let's break down one key area that every young Sun can develop.

Goran Dragic

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    Dragic needs to focus on becoming a better shooter, both from the arc and from the free throw line. He is a career .364 shooter from downtown, but that's on a relatively low number of attempts.

    Now that he is a starter, he will be counted on to score more often and to keep the defenses honest.

    As far as free throw shooting, Dragic has been pretty inconsistent from the stripe throughout his career.

    His first two seasons saw him shooting 77 and 74 percent from the line. In 2011 he shot a low 62 percent and then went on to shoot 81 percent last season.

    Dragic needs to develop and become more consistent from the line considering the fact that his game is built around his slashing ability.

    All around, Dragic is looking like a pretty solid player, but he can be a great player for Phoenix if he improves his shooting.

Michael Beasley

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    Michael Beasley's improvement needs to happen in his head.

    He needs to keep the distractions off the court and that in turn will make him a more consistent player. In the past, Beasley had a lot of off court problems, including an arrest in 2011.

    Beasley needs to focus on playing basketball, the potential Miami saw in 2008 is still there and Beasley can be an All Star if he just gives 100 percent effort.

    The Suns need a scorer and that was no doubt their logic behind picking up Beasley, but the only way he can step into the role is if he can keep his attention on the game of basketball.

Markieff Morris

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    Markieff Morris showed signs of being a great player last season, but he was incredibly inconsistent. Morris was a different player every night and you never knew which side you were going to get with him.

    If he can find a way to stay consistent and put up solid contributions on every night, then he will be a great Sixth Man for the Suns.

    His shooting stroke is there and he doesn't mind playing physical either, but he just needs to show full effort every game. Gentry gave him a chance last year and Morris let him down.

    He will need to make the most of every opportunity, because Phoenix is not waiting around on him.

Wesley Johnson

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    This one is easy to call, offense should be the only priority for Wesley Johnson.

    Johnson is a career 40 percent shooter and has only averaged eight points for all his misses. His defense is solid enough, but his offense is terrible.

    He is a good athlete, but he has not been able to use that athleticism to get baskets. His long range shooting has been good so far, but anything inside the arc has given him grief.

    If Johnson works on his offense he has the potential to start over the man who is coming up next.

Shannon Brown

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    Shannon Brown, like Markieff Morris, has struggled with his consistency throughout his career.

    He has had outings that would have you believe he is one of the top shooting guards in the league, and had others that would have you question why he is not a bench warmer.

    Brown has great athletic ability as well as a good shooting stroke, but he is either on or off, there is no in between. If he is not having a great game, chances are he is having a terrible one.

    Wesley Johnson is breathing down his neck, as is Jared Dudley who could become a full time starter this season.

    Brown needs to put in some serious work if he wants to continue getting big minutes in Phoenix.

Kendall Marshall

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    It's very tough to point out an area a rookie can improve in before he takes a step on the court.

    Kendall Marshall was a great passer in college, and that should carry over to the NBA. His scoring ability is probably the number one thing he needs to work on.

    While he will be a pass first point guard, he at least needs to develop a jumper to keep his man on him.

    If he manages to develop a shot, then the Suns could have gotten a steal late in the lottery.


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