Big Ten Tournament: ESPN Should Stick to ACC Games

Eric JosephsonContributor IMarch 16, 2008

We've all been invited to have dinner at someone's house. Sometimes you bring a covered dish, maybe a bottle of wine. When you sit down and the host passes out the main dish you complement them on how nice it looks. Then when you're finished for the evening you thank your host for their hospitality and tell them the meal was exceptional.

When Brent Musberger and Steve Lavin have dinner at someone's house, they talk about the great dinner they had last week at the Jones' and how bad this dinner is.

Then they run over the dog on the way out.

ESPN's coverage of the Big Ten tournament this week has been horrendous. Musberger and Lavin haven't gone one game without talking about the lack of offense the Big Ten has.

During the Ohio State-Michigan State game on Friday, Lavin talked about the Michigan-Wisconsin game they covered earlier in the day.

"That game set back offensive basketball ten years," Lavin said.

The Wisconsin Badgers are easily one of the top two defensive teams in the nation this year. Instead of talking about the great defensive performance, all these ESPN "analysts" could talk about was how bored they were.

ESPN should stick to ACC games.

It's no secret that ESPN is in love with ACC basketball. During conference play it's not uncommon to find upwards of eight ACC games a week on the "family of networks."

The ACC has high scoring, upbeat games that draw large east coast audiences. So when Musberger and Lavin find themselves in a game of defensive stops, they fall asleep. Their lack of journalistic integrity and creativity lead to comments from Lavin like the one above.

So next time ESPN gets invited to eat over at the Big Ten's house, maybe they should take a rain check. Maybe leave that seat open for a more gracious guest.

Or at least leave “Brent” and “Lav” at the babysitter's. 


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