Power Ranking the Top 50 Hottest Women in Wrestling Today

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2012

Power Ranking the Top 50 Hottest Women in Wrestling Today

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    Casual fans of today's World Wrestling Entertainment have come to appreciate the physical features of women in wrestling far more than they do their in-ring exploits.

    While TNA Wrestling and independent promotions across the country have worked hard to get women's wrestling over with fans of the sport, looks, body types, and physical attributes will always play a major role in the attention paid to a given Diva, Knockout, or women's wrestler.

    This is a list of the 50 hottest women of wrestling. Whether you believe that the abilities of a specific woman between the ropes should take precedence (as I do) or not is inconsequential. Women from WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, and other independent promotions are featured. Some you know, others you will be introduced to for the first time.

    So sit back and enjoy.

    This list, and the placement of the women involved, is the opinion of the writer. If you agree or disagree, let your voice be heard in the comment section. Also, Stephanie McMahon and Dixie Carter have been kept from these rankings because, well, I simply forgot them.

50. Tamina

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    The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka has made quite the name for herself early in her career, most notably challenging Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship in February at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

    If she can continue to evolve and improve, there is no reason she cannot do the one thing her father never did: capture WWE gold.

49. Sarita

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    One of the most talented women on any roster in the United States, Sarita has seen her television time in TNA become non-existent as of late.

    The veteran of the Lucha Libre style may need to return to Mexico if she has any hope of having a productive conclusion to 2012.

48. Jillian Hall

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    At one time, Jillian was WWE’s resident “Pop Princess,” a delusional songstress whose talents were not quite as strong as she thought. That did not her from ranking on the iTunes charts for a Christmas album released a few years back.

    Now competing in the independents, Jillian remains a relevant performer.

47. Christina Von Eerie

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    After a brief, brief, stint with TNA, the punk-inspired Von Eerie returned to the independent circuit. Today, she can be seen competing for the new Shine promotion, as well as the cult-favorite SHIMMER.

    She is currently engaged to former TNA wrestler Jesse Neal.

46. Portia Perez

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    This Canadian is a favorite performer in the SHIMMER promotion. A member of the Canadian NINJAS tag team with fellow countrywoman Nicole Matthews, Portia has proven to be one of the top female tag team competitors in the world.

    She has also proven to be really damn adorable, too, for those keeping track.

45. Vickie Guerrero

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    WWE’s resident “cougar” has done more to get herself in shape and become one of the sport's most recognizable women than any other on this list.

    One of the most hated performers in the sport, she has worked alongside some of the business’ most decorated and prolific stars and has far exceeded any expectations anyone could have set for her.

44. Charlotte

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    The daughter of the legendary, two-time Hall of Fame inductee “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Ashley Flair recently reported to Florida Championship Wrestling to begin training for an in-ring career, the latest of the Flair children to attempt to follow in their father’s footsteps.

    Only time will tell if this beautiful blond, now known as Charlotte, can live up to the legacy set by one of the all-time great professional wrestlers.

43. Becky Bayless

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    The former “Cookie” in TNA, Becky Bayless has the unique ability to attract your attention with her looks, and then drive you crazy with her constant yelling and distracting of the referee.

    Always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure victory for her man, Becky is a top manager on the independent scene.

42. Nicole Matthews

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    The second-half of the Canadian NINJAS tag team, Nicole has been a mainstay with the SHIMMER promotion since 2006.

    At the DVD tapings for SHIMMER Vol. 28, she scored a major singles win over Alison Danger and on March 17, 2012, she unsuccessfully challenged Cheerleader Melissa for the SHIMMER championship.

    On July 7, she teamed with Portia Perez to win the SHIMMER tag titles for a second time.

41. Cheerleader Melissa

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    Known to most wrestling fans as Raisha Saeed during her days with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Melissa has become one of the most recognizable and most decorated women’s wrestlers in the world.

    A highly skilled competitor, Melissa captured the prestigious SHIMMER championship, defeating Madison Eagles on Oct. 2, 2011.

40. Lilian Garcia

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    A long-time ring announcer for World Wrestling Entertainment, Lilian recently made her return to the company after a two-year hiatus. A skilled singer, Lilian is as known for her renditions of the national anthem as she is her ring announcing.

    Recently, she has released her second EP, My Time, available now on iTunes and Amazon.

39. Brooke Hogan

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    The daughter of the legendary Hulk Hogan, Brooke has earned her share of criticism for her role as authority figure over the Knockouts division.

    Regardless, she has been far better than most thought she would be and does not feel out of place in front of the camera. Only time will tell what kind of impact (pun intended) she has on TNA in the future.


38. Winter

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    Like the previously mentioned Sarita, Winter has seen her television time dramatically reduced since Bruce Prichard took over as the creative head of Impact Wrestling.

    Before that, she was a dominant Knockout, capturing the Knockouts title and serving as the division’s top villain.

    While the future is murky for the British beauty in Impact Wrestling, there is little doubt that she will continue to make her presence felt across the globe.

37. Tara

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    A multiple-time WWE Women’s and TNA Knockouts Champion, Tara has the resume of a Hall of Famer.

    With WWE, she developed into one of the best in-ring workers in North America. In TNA, she has helped develop the constantly growing division.

    Now revving up for a program with current Knockouts champion, and real-life best friend Brooke Tessmacher, Tara figures to continue to be one of the top female performers in the sport.

36. Summer Rae

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    A former member of the Lingerie Football League, playing for the Chicago franchise, Summer Rae has made a name for herself in her short stint with Florida Championship Wrestling.

    She has been the general manager of the developmental territory and has recently begun her in-ring career.

    No one can know for certain what impact she will have on WWE television, if any, but Vince McMahon loves blondes and that bodes well for Summer’s chances.

35. Taeler Hendrix

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    The first and only woman to compete in TNA’s Gut Check competition, Taeler Hendrix elevated herself from indie talent to a member of the second largest professional wrestling company in North America overnight.

    With recent departures seemingly opening up space in the Knockouts division for new talent, it will only be a matter of time for the Massachusetts native.

34. Paige

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    Known to fans in the United Kingdom as Britani Knight, this 20-year-old second-generation competitor signed a WWE developmental contract in 2011 and debuted with Florida Championship Wrestling shortly thereafter.

    One of the more experienced women on the developmental roster, her fans’ expectations are high.

33. Madison Rayne

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    The self-proclaimed “queen” of the TNA Knockouts division now ranks as one of the longest-tenured women in the company.

    A multiple-time Knockouts champion, Madison has recently been featured in an on-air relationship with referee Earl Hebner.

    With a lack of heel Knockouts on the roster, another program for the title may be in the very near future.

32. Aksana

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    The Lithuanian beauty debuted on WWE television as a part of NXT: Season 3 and was featured in a major storyline that featured her marrying Goldust in order to stay in the United States.

    Since then, she has cunningly manipulated Teddy Long and aligned herself with the current US Champion Antonio Cesaro.

    Now, with Santino Marella’s “cobra” trained on her, Aksana looks to play a major role in the battle over the US title.

31. Leva Bates

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    Leva Bates is every fan boy’s favorite female wrestler and for good reason. A self-proclaimed geek and regular performer with the SHIMMER promotion, Leva graduated from the Team 3D wrestling school.

    Since then, she has appeared for numerous independent promotions across the country and, most recently, was a part of the debut card for Daffney’s Shine company.

30. Shelly Martinez

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    While many remember Shelly as “Ariel,” the vampire manager of Kevin Thorn during the early days of the ECW reboot but few realize just how long the Chino, Calif., native has been around the business.

    Debuting in 2002, she has appeared in the two biggest companies in pro wrestling and has made a name for herself in independent organizations from one coast to the other.

    Concentrating on more on outside projects since leaving TNA, Shelly has proven herself to be a multi-talented individual.

29. Daffney

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    For nearly 13 years, Daffney has brought uniqueness to women’s wrestling that was missing before she exploded onto televisions across the world with one high-pitched scream in World Championship Wrestling.

    Citing Batman villain Harley Quinn as the inspiration for her character, Daffney has unleashed her unstable and ever-so-slightly character on the wrestling world and gained a tremendous cult following as a result.

    As a member of the TNA Knockouts division, Daffney reached her largest audience since the days in WCW. Recently, she started her own women’s wrestling promotion, Shine.

28. Jessie McKay

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    Australian Jessie McKay has quickly become one of the more popular competitors in the SHIMMER promotion. She is skilled in a number of different wrestling styles, including technical and high-flying.

    A tour of the United States in 2008 introduced her to an entirely new fanbase, but Jessie continues to work in her homeland.

27. Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlyn was thrust onto WWE television as a part of NXT: Season 3 as a replacement for another talent and made the most of her opportunity, winning the competition and earning a spot on the main roster, despite having little to no pro wrestling experience before appearing on the show.

    Kaitlyn has learned on the go over the last year and a half, always improving and evolving. Her personality has gained her a strong following of Internet fans and recently, she was awarded a Divas title match, which she will receive at September’s Night of Champions PPV.

26. Natalya

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    Perhaps the most gifted in-ring worker on today’s roster of WWE Divas, Natalya is a third-generation performer, the daughter of Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart and granddaughter of the late Stu Hart.

    A former Divas Champion, Natalya has found it difficult to break through and stand out in the muddled mess that is the current Divas division. She remains a favorite among Internet wrestling fans.

25. Taryn Terrell

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    Last seen as Tiffany in WWE, this beautiful blonde recently made her debut on Impact Wrestling, serving as a special referee for the Knockouts division.

    With experience on the microphone and in backstage segments from her days as the general manager of the rebooted ECW brand, Taryn has the ability to move outside of the ring and contribute in other facets of the TNA television product.

24. Alicia Fox

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    A member of WWE’s main roster for four years now, Alicia has held the Divas Championship and has proven to be one of the more athletic women on the roster.

    Recently, television time has been few and far between for the Florida native but Alicia has served as a tremendous spokeswoman for World Wrestling Entertainment and its interests, such as the Be A Star anti-bullying campaign.

23. Cameron

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    Infamous for her appearance on WWE Tough Enough and the revelation of her favorite match of all-time (Alicia Fox vs. Melina, for those that missed it), the Funkadactyl managed to make it to WWE’s main roster and now fills the role of dancer for the Funkasaurus himself, Brodus Clay.

22. Audrey Marie

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    One of WWE’s top developmental Divas, Audrey has already captured the FCW Divas Championship and has steadily improved her in-ring work since debuting.

    Channeling the Mickie James “country girl” character, this Houston native has recently feuded with Raquel Diaz.

21. Veda Scott

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    Known to Ring of Honor fans as the beautiful backstage announcer for ROH TV, Veda Scott trained for in-ring competition under SHIMMER and ROH standout Daizee Haze.

    While she has yet to make her mark between the ropes for the third-largest company in North American wrestling, expect big things from this lifelong wrestling fan in the future.

20. Raquel Diaz

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    The daughter of Vickie and Eddie Guerrero, Raquel Diaz is the most promising developmental Diva in FCW/NXT wrestling. She makes up for her lack of in-ring experience by understanding the performance aspect of sports entertainment.

    A former FCW Divas Champion and Queen of FCW, she has accomplished all that there is to accomplish in the developmental territory.

    While it remains to be seen what level of success she will have on the big stage of WWE, this third-generation Guerrero certainly has the pedigree to succeed.

19. SoCal Val

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    Does anyone know what SoCal Val does with TNA? Does anyone care? One of the longest-tenured employees of the No. 2 promotion in sports-entertainment, SoCal Val has long been one of the hottest women in the sport.

    A former manager on the independent scene, Val now works as a production assistant with the Dixie Carter-owned company.

18. Naomi

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    The runner-up in the NXT: Season 3 competition, Naomi appeared set to debut on WWE television, her athleticism in the ring catching the eye of the WWE fans.

    A year-and-a-half passed before Naomi was again seen on WWE TV, this time as one of Brodus Clay’s “Funkadactyls.”

    Recently, this former model was applauded for a house-show match against Natalya, where she filled in at the last minute for Kaitlyn. Hopefully, Naomi will have a shot at competing between the ropes sometime soon.

17. Melina Perez

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    One of the most decorated Divas in WWE history, Melina has spent the last year competing on the independent circuit, having a number of memorable matches with former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky.

    Known for her splits, her primal screams, and her ferocity between the ropes, many expected Melina to land with TNA and bolster their Knockouts division.

    While that has not happened, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the former Women’s Champion could find herself competing alongside fellow former Divas Mickie James, Winter and Gail Kim.

16. The Garcia Twins

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    You know them as Brie and Nikki, the Bella Twins, but earlier this year, the Garcia twins left World Wrestling Entertainment, in need of a break from the hellish travel demands.

    Making the rounds on the convention circuit, enjoying meeting and greeting their fans, it is only a matter of time before the twins invade television screens across the country once more, either with WWE or with one of the other major companies in North America.

15. Mickie James

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    When “Hardcore Country” sounds throughout the Impact Zone, Mickie James is ready to get down to business inside the squared circle.

    A multiple time Women’s and Knockouts Champion, Mickie is one of the last remaining women from the pre-model days of women’s professional wrestling.

    Now experiencing success in the music industry as well as the pro wrestling business, Mickie has proven herself to be a woman of many talents.

14. Angel Williams

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    The former Angelina Love, Williams recently departed Total Nonstop Action Wrestling after five years with the company.

    While with the company, she collected multiple Knockouts titles and was among the most popular women in the sport, especially when partnered with Velvet Sky as the Beautiful People.

    Now making her way across the country in various independent companies and appearing at many conventions, it remains to be seen if Angel Williams will ever get another shot on national TV again. For her fans’ sake, I hope she does.

13. Beth Phoenix

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    The self-proclaimed “Glamazon,” Beth Phoenix has done everything there is to do in WWE. She is a former Women’s and Divas Champion and has beaten every major women’s star to come through the company during her stay.

    While the Divas division is made up of former models, Beth has brought a legitimacy to the company’s women’s wrestling and has the resume of a future Hall of Famer.

    Whether or not that happens, it will be difficult to argue the impact Beth had on WWE and its less-than-spectacular Divas division.

12. Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim is, perhaps, the most talented female performer in professional wrestling today.

    With in-ring skills matched by few, Gail has proven that she can be an effective babyface and heel and has succeeded at carrying the entire TNA Knockouts division on two separate occasions.

    While the idiots behind the scenes at WWE decided not to allow her to find success in the Divas division, Dixie Carter’s company has always maximized Gail’s talents and given her the opportunities she has earned.

11. Rosita

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    A former Knockouts tag team champion, Rosita made an immediate impact by tagging with Sarita and capturing gold. Since they lost the titles, however, Rosita has been missing from TNA television.

    Making only a brief impact during the Eric Young-ODB marriage ceremony, she has instead turned her attention to the independents, where she remains active and popular.

10. Rosa Mendes

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    This spicy Latina has seen her role on WWE television increase over the last year, becoming the manager of the team of Primo and Epico. A long-tenured Diva, she has been with the company since shortly after the 2006 Diva Search.

    Always around, despite not doing much on TV, one has to wonder if Rosa has peaked as a performer with WWE.

9. AJ Lee

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    The current Raw General Manager, AJ paid her dues, climbing through the ranks of the independent scene before signing a developmental deal with WWE. From there, she finished third in the NXT competition. A call-up to the main roster nearly a year later netted little result.

    Then, she became Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend and her dependent, unstable character took off. She became a breakout star in 2012’s WWE and soon become one of the company’s most popular performers.

    A promotion to the authority figure role on the sport’s No. 1 program shows the company’s commitment to AJ and is an indicator of great things to come.

8. Brooke Tessmacher

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    A casualty of backstage politics in WWE, Brooke made an unlikely ascent as a member of the Knockouts division in TNA, currently enjoying her second reign with the division’s top prize.

    Also an accomplished fitness model and Hooters girl, Brooke is easily one of the hottest women in the sport, both in terms of her career’s upward movement and her physical appearance.

    The future looks bright for Brooke and fans of the Knockouts division.

7. Layla El

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    The 2006 Diva Search winner, and current Divas Champion, has worked hard to evolve as a performer throughout her six-year career.

    Originally floating around as a dancer in the Extreme Expose trio (which also included fellow Top 50 Hottest Women Kelly Kelly and Brooke Tessmacher), Layla broke free of the mold and became one of wrestling’s top heels, teaming with Michelle McCool in “LayCool,” a Mean Girls-esque duo that propped themselves up by tearing others down.

    After the dissolution of the group in 2011, Layla was sidelined with a serious injury. Returning earlier this year, she has been better than ever, the Divas Champion the entire time.

6. Kelly Kelly

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    Maxim cover girl. A member of the 2012 Maxim Hot 100. The most popular woman in wrestling, prior to the rise of AJ Lee. Divas Champion. Kelly Kelly has accomplished a lot since debuting in 2006 as an “exhibitionist” during the reboot of ECW.

    One of the first model hires of John Laurinaitis, not much was expected of the 19-year-old. Six years later, she is WWE’s most marketed Diva. While she is currently taking a break from the road, Kelly remains one of the business’ most visible females.

5. Maryse Ouellet

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    This French-Canadian is a former two-time Divas Champion and, at one point, seemed destined to be the future breakout star of WWE’s Divas division. A cocky, arrogant heel character, Maryse knew she was hot and had no problem flaunting it.

    By the time she won her first Divas title in 2008, she was also a rapidly improving professional wrestler. Unfortunately, a knee injury put a halt to her progression and when Maryse returned, she was never the same in the ring as she was prior.

    The role of valet and host of NXT did nothing to make her stand out and in 2011, Maryse was granted her release from WWE.

4. Christy Hemme

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    The original Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme is the female sports entertainer to sell the most copies of a Playboy magazine in which she was featured on the cover. After unceremoniously being dismissed from WWE in 2005, Christy became a member of the TNA roster.

    A manager early, it appeared as though Christy had finally broken out when she impressed in a few encounters with the massive Awesome Kong.

    A neck injury ended her in-ring career and Christy became a backstage interviewer and ring announcer for Impact Wrestling, a role she holds to this day.

3. Velvet Sky

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    The most popular woman in the history of Total Nonstop Action wrestling, Velvet Sky debuted with the company in 2007 and remained there until leaving a few months back.

    Known for her crowd-pleasing ring entrance, including her tendency to “let the pigeons loose,” Velvet carved out a very impressive career for herself in the company, amassing Knockouts singles and tag team titles.

    She also became a popular merchandise seller over the last year and figures to remain a favorite of fans on the independent scene.

2. Eve Torres

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    The 2007 Diva Search winner has become one of the top villainesses in the sport, a scheming assistant to Smackdown’s General Manager, Booker T.

    Originally one of the sweetest and most charming women in the company, a heel turn in early 2012 instantly made her one of the most-hated characters on the show.

    A former two-time Divas Champion, Eve continues to look for new ways to advance her career, once going as far as to align herself with John Laurinaitis.

    Now appearing on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes, Eve remains one of the most media-friendly Superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment.

1. Maria Kanellis

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    The self-proclaimed “First Lady of Ring of Honor,” this former WWE Diva was one of the most popular during her days with the company.

    A Playboy cover girl and inaugural Diva Search competitor, Maria made her debut in the business in 2004 and remained a WWE employee until 2010, when she was unceremoniously released from her contract.

    Always bubbly and personable, she filled whatever role was given to her, including that of a ditzy blond interviewer, despite being considered fairly intelligent off-screen.

    Now serving as valet for real-life boyfriend “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett in Ring of Honor wrestling, Maria continues to entertain fans around the world.