TNA Heading Into Destination X, What To Expect and Look Forward To

Michael Wollin@MichaelWollinCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

As TNA rolls into March for Destination X, and Kurt Angle showing his true colors and reasons for starting the MEM and challenging Sting For the World Title, what will happen with the MEM?

This match will be full of swerves and interference within the mafia but which one will the mafia back stab. Will Mick Foley be involved? Foley teased a swerve and also his involvement in the match in an interview with slam wrestling, and it leads to suspect a Sting vs. Foley match at Lockdown but it won't be a face vs. face match so we will have to see who jumps sides.

I'd expect Foley to change sides to the mafia and Sting with the frontline but anything is subject to change.

One thing that this pay-per-view is known for is its Elevation X match since the matches creation in 2007, but they are now going back to Ultimate X match and it will be for the X Division Championship.

We know that Alex Shelly (c) will be in the match and I think it will be the debut of Suicide. This match though has really no big time hype like the other Ultimate X matches have had in the past but I expect the match to be full of high spots like all the rest.

Expect Steiner and Booker to win their matches and then that will lead into Lethal Lockdown. One match I am not sure about is Team 3D vs. Beer Money though. Normally I would say that 3D would win, but with Jakie Moore anything can happen so keep your eyes open with that one.

So all in all this will be the begining leading into Lockdown and more questions than answers after the pay-per-view.