Former WWE/WCW Wrestler, 'No Holds Barred' Actor Possibly Facing 5 Years in Jail

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2012

Lister (Left) in the movie Next Friday (New Line Cinema).
Lister (Left) in the movie Next Friday (New Line Cinema).

WWE put a lot of effort into advertising their re-release of No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan and Tommy "Zeus" Lister, but now it looks as if the film might get press for a different reason.

Lister, who wrestled as Zeus in WWE and in WCW, is facing charges of mortgage fraud to the tune of $3.8 million.

TMZ is reporting that Lister has plead guilty to conspiring to commit mortgage fraud with a group of associates. Here is an excerpt from the post.

According to the plea agreement—obtained by TMZ—Lister admitted to a diabolical scheme in which he and several individuals conspired to obtain four different mortgages on homes in L.A. using false information and bogus bank statements.

Lister says he and some others took out up to $5.7 million in mortgages that ended up all defrauding and costing the banks $2.6 million in losses.

This is not good news for the former grappler, as mortgage fraud in this case could carry a sentence as heavy as five years in prison.

Considering WWE just spent several thousand dollars to remaster and promote the release of the new version of No Holds Barred, it is safe to say they are not going to be happy about this.

Luckily for them, Lister has not been an employee in over two decades, meaning WWE is about as far away from this as they can be.

Lister has also been featured in the Friday film series as the antagonist Deebo, the neighborhood bully who Ice Cube can be seen finally putting down at the end of the first film.

Other acting credits include Little Nicky, Jackie Brown, Dracula 3000, Don Juan DeMarco and The Dark Knight, where he played the prisoner who throws the bomb's remote out of the boat's window to save the captain from making a terrible decision.

Lister is due back in court in September to see what the future holds for him.