The Fashionable Or Unfashionable Stylings Of Wade-Bands

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The Fashionable Or Unfashionable Stylings Of Wade-Bands

Dwyane Wade's experiment with bringing back the band-aid has failed, as David Stern and the NBA have chosen to ban to the band-aids.

Sometimes we refer to the NFL as the "No Fun League," whether we'll refer to the NBA as the No Band-Aids Allowed League remains unseen.

Still, the Wade-Bands sure were fun while they lasted.

After appearing at All-Star weekend with a fashionable Band-Wade covering up a nasty paper-cut under his left-eye, Dwyane Wade trend-setting experiment reached epic proportions when Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Sir Charles Barkley donned them during their recent TNT broadcast.

Word from an official NBA spokesman said a player can only wear a Band-Aid for healthcare purposes and can not wear one simply for the sake of wearing one, nor can it have any name or identifications on it.

Can a player still wear a Band-Wade? What if he wears a piece of colored duct tape and writes witty sayings on them? Maybe he should pull a Starbury and just get a tattoo.

Thanks for not having a sense of humor NBA. Now, if you could please prohibit players from wearing those ridiculously long wristbands all will be right with the world. I mean, no one 's wrist is that long.

While, it may look stupid on you or I, if we're wearing it on the playground or in our old men's league, Wade seemed to carry it rather well.

The following slides will showcase the fashionable or unfashionable styling of the Band-Wades, Wade-Bands, whichever you prefer.

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