Chris John and Rocky Juarez Fight to a Draw in Houston

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IMarch 1, 2009

Chris John made his world premiere appearance finally fighting in America in Houston against Rocky Juarez to defend his WBA Featherweight belt Saturday night.

This being Rocky's hometown, the crowd was live and cheering Rocky on from round to round.

Chris John, a pretty much unknown in America, made a name for himself displaying his boxing skills and ring generalship. It seemed John was landing the cleaner punches and throwing and landing sometimes double or triple to Rocky's punch output.

John unfortunately is not a big puncher and could not hurt or knock down Rocky, even though he was outpunching and outlanding Juarez.

John also showed he could stand toe to toe and had a decent beard after taking many of Rocky's best shots cleanly to his chin.

Whenever Rocky landed on Chris, the hometown Houston crowd went wild, and this without a doubt influenced the judges.

The 11th round was Rocky's best round, where he had John hurt and almost knocked down. Rocky showed a strong finish for the final championship rounds but gave away much of the middle rounds to the champion.

My score card was identical to legendary HBO ringside judge Harold Lederman: 116-112 for Chris John.

However, the official judges called it at 114 to 114 a Draw, and John keeps his belt. 

King J's Prediction on this fight was either a SD for John or a Draw and because of the Houston home town advantage it turned out to be a Draw.