25 Most Incredible NHL Celebrity Doppelgangers

Rob KirkCorrespondent IISeptember 3, 2012

25 Most Incredible NHL Celebrity Doppelgangers

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    A few months ago, I did an article on NHL players and their celebrity look-a-likes. It was a blast to do and pretty amazing to see the similarities. Take a look for yourself to enjoy my first edition.

    In lieu of some suggestions from you, the viewing and reading audience, I proudly present to you my second edition of all new doppelgängers. With a potential lockout looming, some of these guys could definitely pass for stunt doubles or stand-ins for some of Hollywood's stars. Enjoy now!

Henrik Lundqvist

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    In an embarrassment of handsome riches, you can't help but notice that King Henrik looks like Phil from The Hangover. A little more five o'clock shadow would be more convincing, but I think you get the idea.

    In addition to sharing some of the same good-looking qualities, both have the same number of Stanley Cup rings. Zing!

John Tortorella

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    Aaaaaaaaay!!!! Ever wonder if John Tortorella could walk into Big Al's, smack a jukebox and automatically make it work? Well, if you take a gander at the Fonz's skill set here, you'll recognize that both of these cats are gifted when speaking to a group of people.

Bobby Ryan

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    OK, the first thing you need to do in this picture is focus on the face. Hey! Eyes up here. Look at the facial features and you realize that Scarlett Johansson could have a hockey-playing twin brother.

Chris Campoli

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    Lockout or not, Chris Campoli is definitely looking for work. The free-agent defenseman might have more success filling in for Shai Leboeuf in Transformers 12: Betrayal of Old Man Smithers. You know, the one where the Transformers team with Scooby Doo and the gang and the Harlem Globetrotters to solve the mystery of the Luna Ghost.

Evgeni Malkin

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    Nothing ironic about this photo right? Iconic Philadelphia-based boxer Rocky Balboa and iconic Pittsburgh-based hockey player Evgeni Malkin certainly don't share the same fanbase.

    OK, so I had do do a little rewind here to match 1970s Stallone with modern-day Malkin, but it still works. Look for a cameo from Malkin in The Expendables 9: Quest for Centrum.

Tim Thomas

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    Though he may not be a current player, he does technically sit on the Bruins' payroll. Tim Thomas looks like the younger, fitter version of comedian Drew Carey.

    Too many game-show cliches to throw out there regarding the controversial Thomas, so feel free to insert your own.

Martin Brodeur

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    That dude on the right is New Jersey Devil icon Martin Brodeur, and the guy on the left is Officer Farva from the 2001 comedy Super Troopers. Though you might think the comedy begins and ends with young Brodeur's crusty duster adorning the keeper's upper lip, the movie is actually funnier.

Mike Modano

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    Hey, Mike Modano, now that you're retired, what are you going to do with yourself? Maybe go to Alaska and hunt wolverines with your uncle?

    John Heder looks a little more like Modano when he's not dancing to the smooth stylings of Jamiroquai. Now that Modano is a single dude, maybe he can help his brother, Kip, focus on his cage-fighting career, or sell Tupperware with Uncle Rico.

Alex Semin

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    Alex Semin has some of the sickest hands in the NHL only—and I do mean only—when it comes to stick-handling and shooting.

    In case you haven't seen what happens when Semin tries to broaden his skill set, click here. Sean Bean, on the other hand, has a movie history that makes one believe he's a little more adept at the art of fighting.

Steven Stamkos

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    I liked seeing Stamkos rock the blond flow last season but couldn't help thinking that it either reminded me of Jeff Spicoli or male supermodel Hansel from the cinematic masterpiece Zoolander.

    So, why not put all three up and enjoy the fun!

Chuck Kobasew

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    In my last doppelganger slideshow, I had Dustin Brown next to Brad Pitt and was given the suggestion that Chuck Kobasew might be a good comparison, too. I think both are pretty good.

Sedin Twins...or Triplets???

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    Twenty-five-year-old Henri Hurskainen has the world in the palm of his hand. He is a world-class badminton player where the word "shuttlecock" is thrown around haphazardly, he hails from the land of three crowns and he could be confused for the third Sedin.

    Imagine if he could skate. A complete line of ginger beards.

Cal Clutterbuck

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    Though his mustache seems to have a little more girth, Cal Clutterbuck's slick-backed look reminds me of Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. If they ever need a stunt man for Gone With the Wind II, Cal might make a good stand-in for Butler's character

Tyler Bozak

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    OK, so he's not a big Hollywood A, B, C, D or Z-lister, but Darren Dreger of TSN seems to have a clone playing center for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Dreger's uncanny likeness to Bozak was courtesy of a comment from a reader S. Maxwell in the previous article.

Ryan Kesler

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    Ryan Kesler often pops up in the background of Vancouver Canuck interviews and goofs on his co-workers. The same can be said for actor John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert on The Office, a guy who is never shy about pulling a prank.

Mike Commodore

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    All right so this is probably more about the giant red afro more than anything else, but who doesn't want to see Commie's beautiful flow on a list like this?

    Sorry if the Carrot Top picture frightened you.

Georges Laraques

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    The late Rick James would be proud to know that his likeness spent his time on the ice punching people in the face. The controversial James led a lifestyle notorious for its indulgences while Laraques, a vegan, is a spokesman for healthy living.

    Georges Laraques has since retired but is remembered from his playing days as one of the strongest men in the league. Dare I say his strength was "Superfreakish"?

Alex Tanguay

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    When you talk about a career with productive longevity, it takes a special talent. It's easier to maintain in music because with experience and practice, you can hone your craft. In hockey, people are trying to crush you with their body and their sticks.

    Dave Matthews is like the next generation's Grateful Dead and will probably be around forever. Alex Tanguay's productivity...not so much.

Pavel Datsyuk

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    The guy in the picture next to Pavel Datsyuk is named Walter Koenig. He was part of the original Star Trek cast in the television show and movies. Though he was criticized by many for his inauthentic Russian accent while playing the role of Chekov, we know for certain Datsyuk's accent is legit.

Nik Antropov

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    While one of these guys is a strapping 6'6" center from Kazakhstan, the other guy is Rob Thomas, singer and front man for the band Matchbox 20.

Mike Ricci

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    Crispin Glover's filmography is probably best known for his roles as George McFly in the Back to the Future movie series. Mike Ricci is best known for being an NHL player for five teams over a 16-year period.

    For the sake of being polite, these two have a "unique" and distinct look that makes them memorable.

John Tavares

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    Adam Levine has made a career out of making records and "dating" some of the most beautiful women in and out of Hollywood.

    John Tavares' young career on Long Island hasn't been quite so glamorous, trying to turn around a struggling New York Islanders franchise while emerging as one of the NHL's brightest stars.

Jordin Tootoo

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    The original idea was that K.D. Lang looked like former Pittsburgh Penguins star and current owner Mario Lemieux, but on closer review, it appears that she shares more of the same features of Detroit Red Wings pest Jordin Tootoo.

Bobby Holik

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    While there were a couple of slides that had similar hair styles and colors, this one is for another follicular manifestation. Bobby Holik rocks a uni-brow that only a mother, or Ernie, could love. Something that his "partner," Bert, has helped him adjust to over the years.

Barry Melrose

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    What NHL slideshow would be complete without a reference to ESPN's favorite hockey guy, Barry Melrose?

    While there is no credit or detraction applied to Melrose in this instance, he appears to be the model for Ross "The Boss" Rhea in the movie Goon. While actor Liev Schreiber doesn't have the full goatee that Melrose rocks during the playoffs, it might help old Barry's "street cred" if he just stuck with the hairy horseshoe around his yapper, "Rhea style."