New England Patriots' Needs On Draft Day and Free Agency

tom chase@22qnf1 Contributor IMarch 1, 2009

My my do things really come full circle. Just a day or so after free agency started, the Pats traded Matt Cassel to the team that was involved in getting Brady hurt in the first place, the Chiefs, along with Mike Vrabel, only for a second round draft pick this year.

This puts second-year vet at backup QB Kevin O'Connell. Now I'm not saying that they have a glaring need at QB here with Brady's injury rehab report being on time if anything goes wrong with it, it'll put a lot of pressure on this young QB, so it may be a good idea this week prob at some point, to sign a second tier vet to the roster.

They have done a pretty decent job clearing some cap space so that they could bring in others. They have signed two pretty good players so far in Fred Taylor from the Jags and Chris Baker, a very underrated blocking TE from the Jets. They brought in CB Leigh Bodden for a visit, but money wasn't really close.

Now perhaps that they've cleared some cap space they could bring him back in. The teams needs has changed quite a bit since free agency started and the combine ending; they surely need to get younger at LB on defense.

Their cornerback position last year took a beating, including injuries, as well as safety, and with the loss of Vrabel's leadership, that linebacking corps could be an issue.

They need to bring either a safety and or cornerback in and sign either one or both and a veteran linebacker. Thomas was injured last year and could step up on that side once healthy; however, with Mayo and Thomas being the only solid linebackers there (Bruschi has yet confirmed his return as well as Seau), maybe a WR should be brought in as well and taken a look at.

The draft is the best way to bring in young players and groom them, Belichick has been doing this for years and is one of the best, they also have been great at receiving picks in one draft to get the players they want.

Now the Pats have the 23rd overall pick and this will also depend on what they do in free agency, but with the 23rd pick in the first round, I believe and this is just my opinion that they should start with defense, I realize that they did that last year, however; they are still aging and it takes two or three drafts to get younger either on defense or on offense.

With the No. 23, if these players are here any one of these would make a great fit to this team in my opinion:

No. 1: Aaron Maybin, DE Penn State: At 6'4" 236, he'll prob play linebacker at the next level; however, he's very athletic and can be a beast at getting to the QB.

No. 2: Larry English, DE Northern Illinois: 6'3" 255 again another tweener, meaning DE in college but linebacker at the next level. If lucky can do both, but Bill Belichick loves these types of players to fit right in and play in their system.

No. 3: Clint Sintim, LB Virginia: 6'3" 254 Agian, a very athletic can play both run and pass great cover linebacker and could get to the QB.

No. 4: Clay Mathews, LB USC: 6'3" 240lb not a great speedster; however, he can cover run and cover the pass Belichick loves USC linebackers.

Cornerback and safety is another great position to target again these picks are all assuming that these players will be here and that this position is not addressed in free agency. Rashad Johnson 6'0" 187lb safety. Most likely he'll be here maybe a little reach as well, but if he does well on his pro day, he may just reach the first round.

The Pats have three second round picks this year the first is No. 34, No. 47, and No. 58. Now bear in mind that with these many picks here they could also trade back into the first. There are many things that the Pats could do here.

They could obtain two first-round picks or take their first round pick and a second or two and move into the teens and get a player that they want assuming that they don't do any of that and keep their second round picks and first rounder.

The No. 34 overall pick has great number of possibilities. Again, defense could be one, however in my opinion, and it's just that, I think a WR should be taken here.

Brian Robiskie, ohio state WR 6'3" 199lbs. He opened a lot of eyes at the combine and may not even be here; however, if he is what a steal a great pick up he runs great routes has great hands and ran faster than anyone expected at the combine.

Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina 6'1" 210lbs a great route runner and great hands not very much end speed but can break away occasionally. With the No. 47 pick more offense—a TE or offenisve line.

TE Shaun Nelson 6'5" 240lbs has great route running great hands and surprised everyone at the blocking. This would be a great fit. Belichick loves TE's who can catch and block I believe.

Offensive line William Beatty Connecticut 6'6" 306lbs although not overly huge at the tackle position can play the pass really well, considered a smart football player picks things up real well, again a Bill Belichick type player if here would make a great fit. 

With the No. 58 overall pick defense is again a need here, cornerback, linebacker, or safety.

I believe cornerback would be a great pick here: Victor Harris Virginia Tech, 6'1", 194 has great talen and upside, a little trouble on and off the field; however, Belichick has no problem with draft guys like that they have a huge support system for that.

He also runs great routes has good hands and speed tough and physicall. I could go all day with this; however, they have three second round picks and can really pick up a lot of talent with these alone.

Tyrone Mckenzie South Florida linebacker. Marcus Freeman linebacker Ohio state. Jairus Byrd cornerback Oregon, Cullen Harper qb Clemson, Todd Boeckmen qb Ohio state. Glenne Coffee rb Alabama, Javon Ringer rb Michigan state, Derry Beckwith Linebacker Lsu, Vontae Davis cb, Alphonso Smith cb Darius Butler cb, William Moore s, Curtis Taylor s.

This is just a short list of college players who could be around with anywhere from the first pick threw the seventh and could easily I believe fit in the Pats system and play well.

I hope you injured this detailed article about the upcomping draft for the Pats as well as free agency needs any comments let me know.


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