A Statement Today By The Capitals

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A Statement Today By The Capitals

The Capitals may have the Boston Bruins number.  Yes you could say that today's game ended on a luck shot by Semin, but the Capitals have a season record of 3-0-1 against the number one team in the eastern conference.

Yes, the playoffs are a whole different story than the regular season, but this win has to boost their confidence if they meet the Bruins in the Conference Finals.  Coming from a die hard Capitals fan I am worried though about our struggles against the Flyers.  They destroyed us the first game, we beat them in overtime the second, and then gave the game away in the third meeting.

But to be fair to Boston fans right now you guys are the team to beat in the east and I hope we see you guys in the finals so we can see one hell of a series.  Also, yes the Penguins are one of our rivals and I hate Crosby with a passion, but I want to move on from that and concentrate on the big picture the playoffs. Let's worry about them if we meet them in the playoffs. 

As for our struggles with the Flyers, I think this is a four team race in the east with the Caps, Bruins, Flyers, and Devils.  The Flyers has given us fits for the past two years.  I can not seem to figure out why either.  We are both evenly matched teams and when we seem to have the game in hand we simply hand it right back to them.  I think nearing the trade deadline we need to add an experienced playoff defenseman.  This doesn't mean Pronger, but somebody that has been there before to help Green and company.

The Capitals do have to feel a little more confident the rest of this year with the win today.

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