WWE: Should Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Join Forces?

Michael DesjardinsCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2012

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

If you happened to watch this past Friday's SmackDown, you saw a match between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes attempted to unmask Mysterio, but Sin Cara rushed to his rescue, set up a 619 for Rey, and placed one of his own masks on Rhodes' head.

Afterward, on a WWE.com exclusive, Sin Cara spoke in Spanish, telling the audience how no one was going to disrespect either of their masks. Mysterio, standing beside him, translated his promo in English.

So, it got me to thinking, can WWE do something with this combo? Here are two routes that I believe WWE take:


Have Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio enter the Tag Team Division and go for the titles

This idea works for a number of reasons:

1) Having another not-random team adds more credibility to the tag team division and can give Sin Cara a more solid footing in the main card of either or both Raw and SmackDown shows.

2) Cara and Mysterio's high-flying move-set also adds more variety to the usual tag teams, and it'll make matches against typical tag teams more interesting.

3) Matches between Kofi and R-Truth vs. Cara and Mysterio would be fun to watch, even if it is between two face teams.


4) With Mysterio already an accomplished and recognized superstar, any team (for example, the Prime-Time Players) that faces him and Cara can get recognition, particularly if they beat them for the titles.



Mysterio passes the torch, becomes Sin Cara's manager

Mysterio has had so many injuries, I wonder how long he'll be able to wrestle. Eventually, he will need to retire from in-ring competition. But rather than having Mysterio quit wrestling altogether, he could be used as a manager.

As said before, Mysterio is an accomplished and recognized superstar. Having him back Cara would give Cara himself credibility as a singles competitor. As a future storyline, Mysterio can pass the torch to Cara. By that, I mean, as the only two masked superstars on the roster, Mysterio can establish Cara as the company's next great masked warrior.

While Cara isn't going to be an instant main-eventer, he can certainly be an established talent, especially with Mysterio's backing.

So what are your thoughts on Mysterio and Cara? Do you have any other ideas about what WWE creative can do with the two of them?