It's Decided! There Will Be Anoher B/R Writer Tournament In 1-2 Months

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

 It is decided!!! I wrote an article the other day asking people if they want another B/R Writer Tournament. Most of the people said that they want another tournament.This tournament will be mostly for WWE Wrestling writters.

  When i looked at my article's poll, it said out of 15 people...most of them said yes for having another are some B/R writter's that will be included in this tournament! If you want to be included then just leave a comment on this article or my profile

  • Ron Johnson
  • Joe Burgett
  • M
  • TJ Duncan
  • Shane Howard
  • AkD
  • Ross
  • Jason Le Blan
  • Sam Brown
  • Daris Brown
  • Mina
  • Adrian Staele
  • Ray Bogusz
  • Jev Thorpe
  • Dozer
  • Kevin Canny
  • Chris Browne
  • Kumar
  • Adam Johnson
  • Anonymous Guy
  • K.C.  Mynk
  • Josh Swell
  • Michael Scanlon
  • Josh Nason
  • Jason Savage
  • Jabot
  • Demetrus Stokes
  • Ryan Michael

  Hurry Hurry!!! Only 3 more spots opened for this tournament!!!