Nike Pro Combat Uniforms 2012: The Coolest Uniforms You'll See on Saturdays

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIISeptember 1, 2012

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms have taken over college football, and fans are analyzing the new designs.

The uniforms, which are state of the art, provide a new or updated design for teams jerseys.

The new uniforms are all about being light [via Nike]:

The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress offers the ultimate in lightweight protection. The uniforms were designed from the inside out, beginning with the padded base layer. The Nike Pro Combat base layer allows for specific pad placement to suit every position, providing a highly customized solution. The base layer also delivers critical protection and greater mobility than traditional pads for unencumbered speed.

Which ones are the coolest? We'll give you our list.


Oregon State Beavers

Using a design reminiscent of the 1967 "Giant Killers," the Beavers are hoping the new unis help them play like that team.

The uniforms keep the classic orange and black color scheme, but now have an black helmet with an orange and white stripe down the middle that looks awesome.

It looks a bit like the old Cleveland Browns uniforms. The Beavers have struggled recently. Maybe their new uniforms can give them an edge.


Virginia Tech Hokies

Let's be honest: The Hokies' maroon uniforms were never the most attractive. They've finally updated it.

The uniforms are black with orange lettering and numbering. There's a hint of a maroon to recognize the past.

The Hokies finally look like an intimidating football team. Black and orange is a great combo. Tech, ranked 16th in the AP poll, should get a lot of attention on the football field, both for their play and their sweet new unis.


Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs have completely updated their uniforms and it looks awesome.

They feature a silver and red helmet with black lettering and a red uniform with black lettering.

They've finally moved into the 21st century. The update is much needed and it will look great in night games. 

Their new uniforms are among the best in college football. At the least, it's the best now in the SEC.


Boise State Broncos

The Broncos already have an awesome "smurf turf." Now their uniforms are even cooler.

The helmets are great, with a white bronco covering the side. They have a sleek white, blue, grey and orange color scheme. 

Playing at Boise is already hard; add the awesome jerseys to the mix and teams just don't stand a chance.


Miami Hurricanes

Miami has always had nice uniforms. They're better now.

They have an all-orange body with green sleeves, finally making orange look cool. The all-green helmet is fierce. 

The old uniforms of orange and white finally have some competition. It's sleek and form-fitting and makes the Hurricanes look very cool.