Sports Figures Whose Lives Would Make Great Movies

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Sports Figures Whose Lives Would Make Great Movies
Photo: SeattleSportsNet

Hooray for Hollywood!

Well, not always.  That's gospel to anyone who sat through Rush Hour 3...or Rush Hour 2...or, you guessed it...the original Rush Hour

To write a great sports film is no easy task. 

To we fans who sit and watch games on a daily basis, creating a believable level of suspense and excitement that rivals a real game is difficult.  Try filming a scene that matches the intensity of the last grueling minutes of Super Bowl XLII or the silent chills of a Masters' 18th green putt.  It's an uphill battle in many ways. 

Some of these fictitious films succeed, and frankly, some don't

Boy howdy, why?  It's because Hollywood isn't looking in the right places. 

There's no reason to plunk down copious amounts of dead presidents to some overpaid writer to pen the next Field of Dreams when there's a deep well of living and breathing athletes with real-life stories that could be the next blockbuster. 

Throw some extra butter on that popcorn, open that box of Goobers, and enjoy this list: the next great sports films in the making, right in front of our eyes.

It's just like being at the theater, minus the $13 ticket price, chatty teenagers, and obscenely sticky floors.  

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