Detroit Lions Could Strike Gold With Free Agency Trade

Nick AverillContributor IFebruary 28, 2009

Martin Mayhew is starting to become a very good general manager in the NFL

Before the Matt Cassel trade, he caught wind of the Buccaneers trying a three-way trade involving the Broncos' Jay Cutler going to Tampa.

Mayhew then called the Broncos and inquired about a trade for Cutler. 

If the Lions had landed Cutler, I would be the happiest Lions fan in the whole world. 

Obviously, the trade did not go through. 

If Mayhew continues to pursue this trade now that Cutler is irate about being involved in trade rumors, we could potentially land him. That would gives us a big armed franchise quarterback throwing to Megatron.

I think that if we offered our 20th and 33rd pick, we could land him and it may not even cost us that much. 

We could use the first pick on a left tackle to help protect him and use the rest on defense.

I am not sure if Mayhew is still pursuing this trade, but it gives me great confidence in our front office that we even attempted this. 

I could never see Matt Millen even trying this trade. He would probably try to scout Michael Crabtree.

You guys can find this information on Adam Schefters blog.