New York Mets Talk: Hold the Coco (Crisp), Please

Dan SiegelSenior Analyst IMarch 15, 2008

How many food references could be crammed into one outfield? 

If Coco Crisp is traded to the Mets, there could be the four “C” in the outfield: Coco Crisp, Carlos Beltran, and Ryan Church (okay, there are six C’s if you count the second C’s in “Coco” and “Church”; five C’s if Endy Chavez is playing instead of Church).

Crisp and Church could do an ad for Church’s [Crispy] Fried Chicken.  Angel Pagan could be involved with that.  Angel…Church, come on folks!

“Hey, Dan, that doesn’t work. The Mets are supposed to trade Pagan for Crisp.”

Both the Mets’ and Sox’s brass deny that rumor.  Let’s hope that’s the end of it.

There are many reasons why this would have been a terrible trade.

First of all, Crisp is hurt.  The last thing the Mets need is another injured outfielder.  The Mets can’t afford to have an injured usher, let alone position player.

Second, Pagan is having an excellent spring, while Crisp has done little but whine about trades and playing time.

The list goes on, but with Pagan’s hot hitting, the return of Chavez, Church, Beltran, Damion Easley, Marlon Anderson, and Jose Valentin, the Mets have plenty of candidates to fill the outfield until Mosies Alou comes back. 

Beltran and Church should be able to patrol center and right fields on a daily basis, while Chavez is more than qualified to hold down the fort in left.  Easley can spell Church or Chavez against a tough lefty.  Anderson could bring a little more pop into the lineup if Chavez’s bat is cool.

Pagan could blast ahead of any of those left field candidates if he keeps up his torrid hitting.

With the injury to Ruben Gotay, Jose Valentin’s chances of making the team have increased.  Valentin can certainly fill in on the infield, and the switch-hitter could also play left or right field if need be.   

If the Mets still feel the need to import an additional right hand bat, Brandon Inge is the way to go.  He would give the Mets additional depth at all four corner positions and behind the plate.

With Brian Schneider nursing some sore hamstrings, Inge would be a valuable man to have on the roster if the Mets do not want to place Schneider on the DL but need to give him a complete day off.   On days Schneider is playing, Willie Randolph could use Ramon Castro as a pinch hitter and Inge could serve as the backup catcher.

Yes, Inge has stated he does not want to catch for Detroit, but he doesn’t want to do much of anything for Detroit, and rightly so.  When Miguel Cabrera was brought in, Inge was unsure if Cabrera was going to take over at third base or be used in the outfield as he was in his early days with the Marlins. 

The Tigers could have shown Inge a little more respect and given him a clear explanation of where he stood in their system.  They have done this for Marcus Thames, but not for Inge.

Inge could use a change of scenery, and the energy of the New York scene could be just thing to cure his blues.