Fantasy Football Tips & Cheats-How to Take Advantage of Your League: BR5

BR5Daily ShowAugust 31, 2012

Fantasy Football draft. Its three words that conjure up a lot of different emotions for people.  Excitement, anger, fear, and even dread.  It's an important event that requires a lot of planning, poise, and strategy.  It also includes a bit of deception. Every league has its share of newbies, and people who generally don’t know the players and the game, so it’s the responsibility of others to make the draft of those newbies a living hell. Here’s five tips for making the fantasy lives of others miserable.


First, demand that it is a live draft. Nothing is more fun than watching people squirm under the pressure of a live draft.  Throw in some well placed trash talking and you’re sure to rattle your opponent into making a poor draft decision.


Next, encourage novices to go for big names who are waaay past their prime. Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, heck, Terrell Owens, or other guys who don’t even have a team.


Thirdly, work the waiver wire. Find out when the wire opens, and work it like a deranged lunatic. Most novices don’t know well enough to look there, and you can always snatch up someone with value, when others are sleeping at the wheel.  But, if you happen to be in a free league then, well, you shouldn’t really care that much.


Next, learn as much as you can about all the rookies. They tend to be overlooked in the draft, but as the season wears on they can end up getting a lot of playing time, and provide a high upside they didn’t have before.


And finally, use the web, and email to your own dishonest advantage. Did Tom Brady break his neck in a car crash? Did I hear that right? Did Eli Manning get arrested? Making up complete lies is never out of bounds when you’re playing for money in a fantasy league. And, if you’re not playing for money, and its just for love of the game, well that’s ok too. Fantasy football is war.