B/R Court: Triple H and John Cena Trading Places

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IFebruary 28, 2009

Everyone will say I'm crazy. Hell, they already do. But when it comes to the future for WWE, it was never more evident than last night's broadcast of SmackDown.

With that said, Bleacher Report Court is now in session. The Dysfunctional Ron Johnson presiding. Today's case: The People vs. the WWE Draft...mainly the future of Triple H and John Cena.

There is an old movie starring Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy called Trading Places. The basis of the movie is simple: What would happen if two men were to switch places and live each other's lives? We saw the two switch roles, and we saw the same moments brought to life in this week's WWE Programming.

Evidence One: The arrival of The Game to RAW

Triple H made it clear last week on SmackDown that Randy Orton crossed a line that "he could never come back from." We also found out that he would indeed go to RAW's broadcast in Nashville to confront the Legend Killer for his actions towards The Game's family.

The Game made good on his promise when he showed up at the end of the broadcast...what happened afterwards was a sign that Triple H's days on SD are indeed numbered.

Triple H pulled out a secret sledgehammer and began swinging for the fences towards members of The Legacy. Triple H chased Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton through the entire arena before slamming the hammer through an awaiting car and watching as Legacy sped off out of Nashville.

Though many superstars won't be happy with his return, it's clear that because of Orton's actions, a simple one on one match at Wrestlemania simply will not do for these two giants of the company. This is why it's clear that Triple H is most likely heading to RAW when the WWE Draft begins on April 13th. But in order to complete the transaction, someone from RAW will have to part ways with the Monday night crowd.

And I have the perfect person to complete this deal...

Evidence Two: Chain Gang Commander Returns to the Beginning...

This past Monday, John Cena was once again denied his rematch with Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. He made it clear that he would become a permanent fixture to the lives of both Edge and Vickie Guerrero...even if it meant going to SmackDown to make his message clear.

Cena did live up to his promise as last night, the show opened with the arrival and return of one SmackDown's biggest names. Since the draft two years ago, Cena has been a distant memory of the SmackDown fans. But last night, it felt like Cena never left the brand. Despite the loss, it was clear that Cena connected more with the SD Crowd than the RAW crowd.

So why would Cena be heading to SmackDown?

Simple: Ratings booster. That's why Jim Ross and Triple H were sent over to SmackDown. After the draft, it was clear that SmackDown wants to keep in tow with RAW.

Sending The Game back to RAW will keep things in perspective, but sending Cena to SmackDown would literally shake the foundation. Imagine Edge and Cena battling each other on a weekly basis. Imagine Vickie Guerrero pulling the same stunt she did last year with the Undertaker onto Cena.

The Verdict

It's clear that maybe, just maybe the two men in question may not be switching places. But it's obvious that the four men involved with the biggest rivalry in WWE right now will most likely cross paths before Wrestlemania. There could be a tag team match between this Monday and the week before the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Does RAW really want Randy Orton back on SmackDown? Or Edge back on RAW? Not really. It's clear that this would be Plan B for the WWE in the event they decide not to send their two biggest stars to different brands.

Unfortunately for everyone, you might want to tune in more to RAW and SmackDown before usual. Because when the smoke clears, you might be seeing the last of The King of Kings and the Chain Gang Commander on their respective brands. Both have found success on SmackDown (Triple H as Undisputed Champion and a record setting eight WWE Championship Reigns, Cena won his first WWE Championship while on SmackDown).

My verdict is that both Triple H and John Cena will switch brands at this year's WWE Draft. When it's all said and done, it will benefit both brands. If the WWE intends to continue the storyline involving Vickie and Edge, then having Cena in "their" backyard would be perfect. As for Triple H, it would be interesting to see how he interacts with his wife as the General Manager of RAW.